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Full Version: Riding a bike at the boarding school
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26th of April 2016

i am riding a bike at the environment of the boarding school until i stop at a place with  a very nice view to the Engelhörner, some mountain crest. Then a woman called Elvira who i know from the boarding school as well wants to ride to me too. But she takes a detour and rides around me in the woods and then comes from up the hill towards me. The way she rode on was asphalted. I was already resting on my back, lying in the grass, and she put her handbag between my legs and was searching for something in her bag. I was worried she would come too close. I had only boxer shorts on. But she did not come too close, and also did not notice i was worried. She just spoke to me whlie she was searching for something in her bag. She said she visited a defence course while visiting the boarding school because she lived in a house close to the woods. I saw the house in the dream. Then she said that later she visited the Oat University. 


I am going to take part in a study today i found at the University website, i also have found once a job with flakes at the university website.
Then it is close to the jewish district where i am to take part in the study and i have gotten oatflakes of a jew who worked with bikes. I also work with bikes. The Reunion party of the Boardingschool is on the 25th/26th of June.