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Full Version: No Electricity and 3 Alien Spacecraft
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Haven't posted on this site in quite a while, but last night's dreams were very vivid.

First remembered dream of the night involved a Midwestern small town in the summertime. There was no electrical power anywhere and it seemed as if that had been the situation for a while. People were making do as best they could without it. There was still civil order, but people were on the edge of their endurance. My husband and brother were both there. My brother being there was very surprising given personal details I won't go into here, but he handed me his last two dollar bills to keep safe for him because he would need it for toilet paper. It was night time, things were slightly overgrown with green growing things like the upper Midwest gets in late July/August. It was muggy (again, like it gets in the Midwest in summer). We look to the clear sky and see three alien aircraft peel off from their disguise and stars on the handle of the Big Dipper. In my mind, the connection was made between the power outage and the alien craft.

No drama from seeing the craft that I recall. Just observation and a need to keep surviving.
Very cool that you can even indicate likelihood of what time of year! I hope we get to hear about more of your dreams. Also hope you do feel welcome to post on any or all of the public threads here. No shyness or turf politics at NDC. This grand experiment is growing exponentially as more souls/minds contribute, helping to analyze dreambot runs, each others' dreams and current events/headlines.
Tessie - Thank you for posting. Smile Please let us know if you get more dreams of this nature.