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Full Version: Aliens showed me the future. End times! We all graduate from earth!
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.hi all.

Since I have read, now, some wonderful vision dreams about our future and end times, I, having had many over the years, from my blog, I want to share with you all one of mine.  A powerful one indeed!
Includes end times and aliens giving to me telepathic messages!  
Ascension!  End times.  Maybe asteroid.  All keywords to describe...


I had this dream a number of years ago.  2007, the blog indicates.
nearly ten years ago.
Anyway, here it is, be sure to read my afterwards article too , some of my own thoughts on my dream.
One has to be VERY careful with such dreams that one does not put the interpretation IN the dream write up!  Almost cannot be helped, one is given messages by angels, aliens, etc, in ones own language and symbol table.  


vision: the ascension of the earth's peoples within our lifetimes.

hi all.

here on the 20th of september, last night, I had this dimly remembered, but very powerful, dream
about the " Ascension of the earth's people within our lifetimes"!

This short dream begins where essentually I was standing outdoors at night with a small telescope and was looking at the stars. My telescope showed to me a rock-like object with a small "craft"
"buzzing" around it. a "ufo". but not really the classic ufo, but some sort of spaceship with someones abord to control it.
The next scene in the dream was where i was receiving communications via "telepathy" from these aliens aboard the ship!  

They then began to tell me that they all are watching several planets, in the galaxy. Apparently, they say, most inhabited planets follow a similar evolutionary path, the collective races of each planet, do. At some point in the planet's race's evolution, all of the people somehow "ascend" into a higher demension, to inhabit a Parallel planet, a planet that is made up of a "higher" demensional material, thus not visible to any person who is on the material plane. They all go at once, the people do.
[this is the "standard" message that has been given out to people from Spirit, over and over, by others!
Either by Contact, by mediumship, or by vision, in many many words, been told to us. ]But I was impressed by the final few sentences that these aliens told me!

[in my words]
"the peoples of the earth are due to collectively ascend, all at once, all at one time, within most of their currant lifetimes, to the Parallel planet that is "above" them in vibrational materialness"!!
"they will all go at once, all at one time".
---end of dream.

enough said, the dream says it all......


here the next day I want to add some more to this dream.

hi all...

there is something that i wish to add to this here vision! I have found that in such dreams, the tiniest smallest detail can mean everything. there is one detail here that I ought to so mention as this detail could mean 'all"!

in the telescope I could peer at the stars, thus I am looking at something that is not visible to the naked eye, as anything needing a telescope is far far away: thus the telescope! but why did not the aliens
appear closer to the earth?! why did they hover around a small object far away, whereas for many psychics, Encounterees, and for other "alien/ufo" encounters, the object of the "craft" is almost always
in the sky nearby?

I feel that the answer lies in that planet thing that they were hovering around. This object did not *look*
like a planet! it was not round and smooth like a planet and the flight of this craft seemed to indicate that they could fly around this object quickly.

the 'clincher" was that I could see that this object was "rough and bumpy". not round at all. thus i sense that this object was like of a round rock. but the bumps were small, thus the object is large, for a hunk of rock.


my own Guess, and my own guess only as this is not stated in the vision, is that this object is indeed a hunk of rock, not a planet and this hunk might be 20...100..200 miles in diameter. no way to tell its size, but larger than 15 to 30 miles, probably.



just a hunk of rock, there are many, maybe millions of them throughout the solar system. "but the term 'asteroid" is used if such a rock is coming towards the earth.

---that this rock is headed for the earth, in a few years, abd *this* is the object that will ascend us all!!

but why could not these alien DO something about this rock, like move it?! blow it up?!


.....If the Overspirit of the universe, God, choses to ascend a race, he might send an "enabler" for to do it, thus this rock is Sealed from being influenced by *any* other influences or beings!

thus this Event might well be "written in stone, set in stone", pun intended!

but this idea is just mine alone and not part of the vision. I sensed that the aliens do not live on this rock. the rock may be years away, but not many.

I can Hear the Moans, now, from the ascended souls, as they find themselves falling upon the New heaven pastures, some old old souls moans out, speaking for all...

"but we all were so so close to beginning to solve our racial problems with the envirnment and our way of western industrial life, why take us all at the very very height of our civilization?"!!

Then a white robed angel-like Master, a resident there, a greeter, might well say, i feel, "you have it backwards, oh moaning, wailing, soul! the comet/asteroid's hitting the earth, was Timed by the lord at the very beginning of the human race's incarnations upon the earth, way back in Adam's time. Thus all of your 200+ years of great accelerated cultural learnings and increase of freedoms and humanity's
growth in the arts and sciences, was done *JUST* to have you all be prepared *FOR* this event of Racial graduation! the better prepared that you were there, back on earth, the better that you can enjoy the richness of the heavens with, now that you are here!!
[to hit the heaven grounds Running!] [the bakery oven has been Properly pre-warmed, back on earth, NOW the real Baking can begin!]

I feel....."think: the last two weeks of high school is used for cram-courses to get everyone ready to graduate at a better readiness for college. To help the laggards, yes, but also to have everyone ready for the college courses. the fact that this is being done, these two weeks of accelerated learnings, would be a sign, to someone who cannot keep track of high school year-time, that school IS about to be over!!"