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Full Version: Theater in the woods
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29th April 2016

I dreamt of a theaterplay in the woods. It seemed to be connected with anthroposophic thoughts, that the people who performed knew antrhoposophic people. The spectators were watching towards the wood, and the actors, ( 2 women and 1 man ) flew from left to the right over the evening sky. I could see some stars, and the actors where also like a moving constellation. But they flew very far in the landscape. It was talked about how far they flew, something with 4 kilometers too far. They flew sort of in to plains. Then the theme was how to look for the actors. And several people entered the woods to look for them or for something of them. 
After a while one i saw a man walking in the trees, it was as if there was a rope in the trees and he walked sometimes on the rope, sometimes on the trees. He held a jacket by its collar in his outstreched forarm. The man had long hair, but also seemed to be Adrian, called Adi,and was sort of in trance.


Adi is in real life a gardener with whom i went to same school with. Adi is also the brother of elena with who i also went to school with. 
on an other 29th I dreamt of a jacket I received as I once have helped elena, his sister. My father is called Adrian, too and is an antrhoposophe. I went to work in the community garden today. Then I also found a document of my former lawyer Waldmann, in german man of the woods. The stars were sparkling as i came home. My sister is a costume designer and worked at several theaters.