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Full Version: Dream of a squatted village in Italy
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30 April 2016

I was talking to my little sister Marilola, and i was thinking if i should tell her i got to know a woman i might like. 
I got to know the woman in a squatted builing. A meal was a theme which that remembered me of cooked crowbar I used to eat in Paraguay. I also said i had something similar once. This was in a squatted building it seemed to be in the north of italy. 
Then we spoke of a squatted village in the woods (Like a jungele) in the south of italy (Apulia or Calabria). This was a touristic village, with many visitors. But also dangerous because it was forbidden. And for both of us it was too much forbidden, we did not want to go.  we spoke on, and i thought of how to tell her that i would like to talk to her again. I thought how to do this correctly. 
Then i saw my friend Waltraud, a german woman i know from the north of italy and she was sort of a pair with my friend sandro who`s name in the dream was sebastian ( and something like odho was his second name). Waltraud wrote or sprayed his name on a marked parking lot. 

I saw a friend of my sister marilola yesterday, but only saluted her. There was a meal before a kurdish event I visited at te Inselstrasse in Basel, and I met several people I knew there. There were pots with pasta and soup and a bowl with salad and everybody could eat as much he wanted and pay as much as he wanted. (Many years ago i used to live at a squatted place where there were meals like this, too).
I went to the Kurdish meeting because of my friend Waltraud, who was a nurse for the kurdish people in the Iraqi civil war. My friend Sandro (who in real life lives i Austria) was named Sebastian in the Dream. and a friend Sebastian lives on the same Block but on the opposite parallelstreet named Ackerstrasse.