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Full Version: Crate and No Computer for You
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I am standing on a shipping-receiving dock, and an old fully-enclosed sea-faring crate is sitting in front of me with a singular (large) number stenciled on it's front face:

145850.....-1 (total of 10-characters plus that -1), but I don't remember the last 4 digits.

Then I hear, 'THIS IS FOR AMERICA', but I feel that it is not fluffy kittens in the box. I don't take it as evil, either, but I hazard to say that it almost felt like some 'truly earned package' that no one desires to take delivery of.


Next dream:

(I build computer systems and contract specific programming jobs in real life)

In the dream, I am looking at a personal desire to build an array of Raspberry Pi Computers into a multi-core array to make a mini-super-computer (something I have seriously considered doing in my waking time, too), and I hear a response to my consideration of 'well, you have a little over 2-months before you return, but I don't think you can accomplish that before then'.


Not the first time I have had one of those 'you are finished and coming back soon' responses in a dream before, and it doesn't really bother me either way, but does make me wonder if something else in the world is going to occur this summer?