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Full Version: U.S. Earthquake Hits Small City
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I was outside, warm day as people in shirtsleeves. Seemed to be in a small U.S city as there were a couple multi-story buildings (10-20 story high) and a parking garage, but the outlying area was park-like, green grass and trees. I had just walked out of one of the buildings and was shocked to see in the distance the land begin to roll up and down hundreds of feet, oscillating similar to amplitude on a sound wave chart, even though we were not feeling the earth shaking by us. Withing seconds the waves of land had progressed to the city and the people had no time to react. I recall thinking I had no idea what a 10.0 earthquake was like but this might be one. In the dream, I never felt the earth shake, I just saw the land move. The land waves passed through the city. The parking garage seemed intact (I know that doesn't make sense) but upon further observation we decided it was about to collapse and it did, somewhat of a delayed reaction.

People were stuck inside the office building, which was still standing, but the power was off and for whatever reasons people could not exit, but had to live inside for a few days. So they were scavenging the building. Small pieces of lumber were pried off of walls near the elevator shaft to be re-used, perhaps to be burned as fuel. Those of us outside were making shelter there, trying to find a location clear of buildings and potential falling debris if there were further quakes.
Your post reminds me on the Northridge Earthquake. It took place overnight and rangers in the mountains saw the city lights in the L.A. area roll up and down like waves and then the city lights started going out. They didn't understand what was happening until the quake hit where they were located. It was less that 15 seconds likely, but enough time for them to ponder what they were seeing from the mountains.
Thanks, twiceblessed, very interesting, that does sound similar. I just did a bit more research, and I think these are called Rayleigh waves, or a ground wave. Here's an article: