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Full Version: 5/5/16 Cinco de Mayo..."think horror successful?"
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Trending: class dream congress view had 2016 colors there up wednesday one dreams were wed last austin remember cute where when been vivid entries into hate forum people read birthday giving better now know profile twist hundred very think horror successful
Waning: football within size men mostly wait wave elevator eat nice yes trouble grass third singing fish ground childhood ball called attempt play sat calm meet perhaps fire truck sun kill

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"Austin" someone's name or the capital of our state?

"class dream dreams?" "Congress view" Did election dribble bleed-over into dreams?

"vivid entries into hate forum people read" WTH but I refuse to suspect this is about NDC forum. Forums online are legion. One about to make the news, perhaps peripherally to some violent crime's headline?

"football within size men" LOL good joke materrial but why was it dreamed?

"sun kill" hope this doesn' t surge on the coming dreambot run lists.
vivid entries into hate forum people read -Sounds like a hate group is reaching a bunch of people online.
know profile twist hundred very think horror successful - (might be related to to above). A plot occurs, likely on line or in a chat room.  The horror may be real or may be made up to make people think it is successful.  The twist may be that the groups is found out and is monitored or set up.  ( hopefully they are not successful).
people read birthday giving better now-Are people giving gifts more often or at greater  expense now? Is this a related to how they feel about the economy?
*profile twist hundred very think horror successful private pen eating- sounds like farm animals .  What horror awaits with farm animals?  Bad food?  Is it going to affect the public with food shortages or with human illness?
*eat nice yes trouble grass -  Is this about pesticides?  Round Up? Pasture animals that eat grass or football players who play on grass?  What is the trouble with grass? This could be saying farm animals need to eat grass because of the "trouble".  The trouble may be what is referred to above regarding eating, horror and pen.
I wonder that the forum reference might be from a different perspective. If it is referring to NDc, maybe its saying that we are the ones who find some rather vivid things while we watch for headlines to come up, and maybe the hate is generally out there but not directed at us at all, maybe we're just the witnesses to it while we work at connecting the dots? I'd hope it's not targeted at us.

"Play sat calm meet perhaps fire truck sun kill" and "yes trouble grass" and the talk about balls, birthdays and "third singing fish ground childhood" all put me in mind of some kind of family event being disrupted by wild grass fires...or underground lava flows boiling the water?
profile twist hundred very think horror successful private pen eating-
This might be a #cametrue already.  A man has been arrested in connection with spraying poison on food in salad/ olive bars and produce in Michigan.  One store targeted was Whole Foods.  People are being advised to throw out food, much of what would be considered food in PENS, like salad bars and produce.  
"2016," "Wednesday," and "Birthday:" My birthday is next Wednesday... XD

"Hate Forum" could refer to Stormfront...
Happy early birthday GhostByte! Thanks for posting and Welcome to the National Dream Center!
Also want to welcome you, Ghostbyte! Very glad you posted, live it up on your birthday and please feel most-welcome to post here anytime on the many public threads. NDC thrives when we all contribute. Thank you again and don't be shy. Together we all are unraveling the mysteries of our dreams, and more.
Welcome Ghostbyte! I just realized my birthday was exactly a month ago today, and thus ends what I like to call my "Birthday Month", because a day to celebrate is clearly not long enough! Enjoy your birthday month, and may you be blessed with many dreams to share!