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Full Version: A Nice Change
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I know my posts are far more 'apocalyptic' than most - but then again, I often withhold 'softer' or 'more-personal' dreams from posting when I see them as such. A post today by TB9 prompted me to post a personal dream I had last night that was not only heart-touching to me, but I can only wish such a thing would actually happen.

In my dream, I see a familiar building in my town - an old, abandoned Antique Shop. It still has much of the wares it had in it 30+ years ago, when it was still operating. I hear a firm, but kind voice saying, 'do you like this?' and to that, I reply, 'it is fine, and I like the location - I can fix it up'.

I then see it, as if through a shutter-flick of an old camera, and it is clean and empty. The sidewalk still in rough shape, but the old store is now vacant and 'worthwhile' to be used again. Another flick, and I am behind an old wooden counter - but now, the interior of the store has been cleaned, spackled, painted and well-lit - albeit with a lot of natural light coming in from the street windows which span the whole front face.  It is a small computer store. I feel that I own it, or at least operate it. The floors are wooden, but in decent shape. The walls have modern flat-screen monitors on them, and a couple have a looping video of what various products can do - to 'ask the salesperson' if they would like more information.  There is an over-stuffed large 'dog bed' in the corner on the main-floor, and a red-ticked coon dog is laying there, content, half-asleep.  I see a few patrons of the store, mostly women and children who do this, walk over, ask if he is friendly, and when I say 'he would only harm a biscuit', they reach down and pet him (he loves it). Not a guard dog, more a 'store mascot'.

I next see an old love of mine from when I was young, she appears to not only run the shop with me, but is my wife. She usually 'runs the place', and I do most of the 'engineering, programming and tech-work' on the systems. We are young, love the shop, and work with the citizens in the community to provide affordable 'rebuilt computers' to them, local schools, and others. We hold classes to help people use them, and the systems that run on them. It is truly a mix of 'a time past', and present technology. We weren't wealthy, but were well thought of in the community for helping others.

I awoke to hearing a simple sentence, 'you will be there in a few weeks'. Whether or not these 'vocal overtones' are correct or not, it was almost heart-breaking, like a story of 'what should have been'.

I don't really look for any sort of message in it, beyond the image that it was.
Maybe all of this will happen shortly, I think you are getting a look into your future. Maybe in a few weeks you will start cleaning up this location or lease it. And by doing this maybe you run into a person that will become your wife in the future. Maybe she will apply for a job and things will move in a personal direction for you. Never underestimate your ability to create your future. Many of us do that in dream time... we are all creative beings.
Skeeter, I have hope that it could actually be that you'll hear from her or something will bring you two into contact because so many of your dreams are perfectly reality-based and enlightened.
Precious dream and happy for you that you had it.
Rene1111, Nanny, thank you for the sentiments, but I don't see anything in that dream happening, short of a miracle. I currently have no 'potential' for any of that at this time, and I don't see me 'getting married' in the remaining years of my life. (granted, the dog might be a possibility, as my last pet passed away some time back)

Now, if 'miracles' did happen, and I returned to the age of 20 again, knowing what I know now, then I'd be the first one to give it high-potential. But then again, who among us wouldn't want a 'second chance to do it right'?

It's a real shame you start life with resources and potential, yet without a lick of common sense. You end it with tons of common sense, and few resources to 'get it right' (nor any way to fix the past). All the money in the world couldn't fix what has been, nor set right what wasn't on the first pass. I drove so hard to build something, make something, that I was one who 'didn't stop to smell the flowers' until it was far too late. While I did amass a lot of wisdom (and knowledge, not the same as wisdom) along the way, I really got it too late to implement it. Given another chance, I could do it right, in spades. As with all people, it's not about knowing what should be done, it's about the opportunity that was missed along the way.

Nanny, I am quite the realist, granted. I just don't hold out hope for miracles...they are like lottery wins - few, far-between, and never for me. Que Sara, that's life.

P.S.: If I do suddenly stop posting, and you ever get down to the southern border...and find a little computer shop off the beaten path with a young 20'ish guy and gal working there, with a dog laid up on his own little 'couch pillow' in the corner, stop, say hi, and pet 'Joe' (the dog). You can then say you have proof miracles happen.

LOL, we'll see...they did say '6-weeks' in the dream, after all. You never know...(old guys can still hope).
My sense is you dreamed a parallel time line. That's your life in that time.
Keep us posted Skeeter on if anything develops from this dream. The part of the Red-tick Coon Hound makes me smile. Cool