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Full Version: Another 9/11 and Rude Neighbors
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I really wish I could remember more of this dream because it was kinda intense. In the beginning of this dream the Dream Center was having some kind of conference. The members were sitting all around while we listened to a few people give some lectures. Then the guy in charge of running the Dream Center got up and gave a speech of his own saying that according to the collective dreams, we were about to experience some kind of catastrophic event similar to that of the twin towers being attacked. When he said that he held up a poster. The poster was sorta artsy with a pop culture feel. In fact, it reminded me of Obama's hope and change posters. Anyway, THIS poster just had a bluish black silhouette of a tall building on it. Partially hidden behind the tower was a sorta filled in orange 9/3 or 10/3 star polygon shape. I felt like this was to represent an explosion. The background was flooded yellow. There were slight red highlights here and there. This poster made me feel a bit uneasy... because it seemed like such a weird way to present the possibility of such an awful attack. BUT, maybe that was the point... because I was sure I wouldn't forget that poster and its bright colors.

Anyway, after this conference, some of the dreamers were sent out to search for information regarding the poster. I was sent to follow a group of soldiers. My brother actually happened to be one of the soldiers. Now, in real life, my brother and I do NOT get along and he has never been a soldier. He has kind of a crappy attitude which carried over into the dream, so I was very unhappy following him around but I felt like I had to take one for the team. Anyway, at some point in the dream, we came across the ruins of a city and there was this huge important building that had been destroyed. I immediately thought of the poster. I stood on a sort of tall hill looking off into the destroyed city at the building and thought to myself, "Just what happened?! What is that building?" And for some reason I thought it HAD to be a world trade center. But that seemed weird. Surely not. I thought I needed to report this to the Dream Center ASAP. After a moment of silence looking off into the city, the soldiers decided that there was no way there were any survivors and we should turn back because it was dangerous to hang around there. I followed them to some sort of restaurant/pub where they sat and talked and joked as if nothing had happened. Just HOW were they not angry? Shouldn't they be wanting to kick someones butt? How could they not care. As I sat there fuming, a pretty, tall, thin, tan woman came by to serve the men liqueur. They were insanely rude and just mean to her... treating her like an object... and then I realized that this woman was a slave. Her name was "Caramello" (Karamello?)... I glared at the men being so mean to this woman and thought I would come back later to destroy them and free her... but for now I had to get home. I needed to make sure my children were ok and put in what I found out at the Dream Center.

When I got home, I was greeted by a new neighbor who lived several houses down from me. She was a plump middle eastern woman who wore just really bright clothes and lots of makeup. I thought this was odd. She gave me a sort of chill, so I was happy when she turned to leave. I had a long day and wanted to relax. She was making it difficult. As she was walking away, she said something that just made me so mad. I can't remember what it was, but it really set me off, and that's not an easy task. I'm usually VERY laid back and easy going when it comes to dealing with other people. But, man, did she manage to set me off. I ran up the stairs of my house where my youngest son was watching her and her two boys walk away... she was making just the meanest, rudest snide comments about my family as she walked off... so I tapped on the glass of the window, and amazingly enough, she turned around. I put on a big fake smile and gave her the bird and sorta waved it at her as if I were just politely waving goodbye. She put her hands behind her back and secretly gave me the bird as she walked away... then I heard her telling her kids about how evil MY kids were and how they were stinky. How she bet they were the stinky kids in class... and then a wave of "Oh HELL NAW" came over me and I marched downstairs and outside to give her a piece of my mind. As politely as I could, because we were both surrounded by kids, I told her what I thought of her as a person AND a parent. And she did the same. I'm telling you, it took EVERY ounce of self control I had not to want to flat out kill this woman. Anyway, at the end of our little "discussion" I told her she needed to stay as far away from my kids as possible, and smiled the biggest, fakest smile I could as I pushed my kids behind me. As I did this, one of her boys, the youngest, walked up to one of mine and sniffed him. I turned all of my kids around and told them to go home, and as they walked away, I turned around to cut this woman the stink eye before I followed them home. As we parted ways, I could hear her smallest boy say that he smelt one of my sons and they didn't stink at all, and the woman just said to him "That's because you aren't old enough to know the smell of a devil. They are all white devils."
Wow, rude, racist neighbors that hate whites....sounds quite timely and realistic, sad to say. They call us infidels and devils.

Did the poster, as you think back, possibly and in any way at all indicate that the next 9-11 level event will be nuclear? I'm thinking suitcase nuke and have for years. Can't resist asking.
(05-05-2016, 09:18 PM)Nanny Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, rude, racist neighbors that hate whites....sounds quite timely and realistic, sad to say. They call us infidels and devils.

Did the poster, as you think back, possibly and in any way at all indicate that the next 9-11 level event will be nuclear? I'm thinking suitcase nuke and have for years. Can't resist asking.

Well, to be honest with you, the bright yellow background concerned me a LOT. What I got from the poster was that the main explosion would be in this building... and all of the background, or what would be in the background was just gone. There is nothing but bright light, represented in the flooded yellow background of the poster. That could be the nuclear flash. This is the first I've ever heard of suitcase nukes...I thought those things were usually pretty big? But I guess that would make sense... Later in the dream the soldiers gave me the impression that everyone in that city was either dead or beyond saving. It was dangerous to hang around. Maybe because of radiation? *shrugs* I kept thinking in the dream that it was just like 9/11, and I couldn't believe it because it would seem much too soon for something like that to happen again. Wouldn't security be all beefed up now? Of course, I guess it should come as no surprise if its not. Nothing really surprises me irl anymore...

And now that I'm REALLY thinking about it and picking it apart, that star-shaped polygon that was behind the building may suggest the date as well.


I want to say that the star shape representing this explosion was the second to last, but it was definitely one of the last two here. Could give an estimated date, though, it would not be hard for one to assume the terrorists would choose the anniversary of the first attack to preform the second, even without that image.
Good find on the stars and excellent suggestion about the date. Seems we're entering a nuclear showdown world wide and sadly, it's likely that with every other type of evil ramped-up and gaining ground (IMO) that a suitcase nuke, if not a lot of them, has crossed our southern border and is with a sleeper cell of which we likely have many.

Gee, I'm not too negative huh? If true, it is what it is.
Ok I wasn't even going to post this, but after reading Elyse's dream, I thought it might be important. When I woke up this morning, the only thing that I could remember from my dream was a number & it was 10 to the negative 3rd power. I have no idea of the context of the dream, just that particular number stayed with me when I woke up.
Thank you for sharing that, Akwyldeflwr! I felt like there might be a little more to that star-shape I saw than just the explosion. I feel even more confident of that knowing you had the same numbers in your dream.

Nanny, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've had a lot of apocalyptic dreams, many even involving nuclear explosions. In fact, these dreams started when I was around 4 or 5... and I've been having them much more often as of late. I don't think you are being negative. As you said, it is what it is. BUT, I've also had dreams that have given me a great deal of hope. All of them suggesting a fresh start.

(Holy crap! I was looking for old dreams that showed me people will survive and rebuild... and I came across THIS:

I was on a grassy hill watching fire rain down and a city get destroyed by a wall of fire... I wonder if these two dreams are giving the same message!?
I happen to have a REALLY crappy memory... I might need to go through my own dreams and start putting them together... and then doing searches for similar dreams from other people!)

But anyway... One dream I haven't forgotten that also gives me a bit of comfort is this one:

This dream actually changed my life. I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that something big and bad is coming, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is a nuclear war. It could be any number of things...  but whatever it is, I am also very sure that there will be life after that. And most if not all of the evil we are surrounded by now will be gone.
I can assure you there will be survivors after whatever happens because I've had plenty of dreams involving a time well after a catastrophic event and people putting things together again. It ain't a fun time but the people keep on keeping on.

And then there's the bit that I've been told I'll be around for the whole thing as the remaining humans come out the other side.