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Full Version: Hey Bibe Readers, Isaiah 14 ?
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In Prayer this week, I was praying for the World as usual and the Holy Spirit gave me Isaiah 14 to read. I would love to hear anyone's opinion on why Isaiah 14 was given. Normally I can figure it out, but not this one. Isaiah is talking about something that happened way=back=when, so maybe I am being shown history repeating itself?
Julie, Isaiah 14 is a promise for the end to come, the guilty to be punished, and the innocent rewarded. Specifically, it is a promise for Damascus to fall, the 'New Babylon' to fall, and for those who have ruled unfairly to be punished.

I have always interpreted this as a promise for our age, of New York being destroyed, government collapsing, and invaders being crushed from their evil works.

Maybe you've been 'reminded' this is soon to come??? (Just my interpretation)
Julie, I'm so glad this was given to you! I have largely ignored the OT since childhood and having heard so much of it not only in church but with preacher relatives, etc. I know I shouldn't. This screams prophecy as it talks of Babylon. I have grown to feel strongly that the end-times Babylon is definitely the US of A.

This has warning in it and yet comfort. But I need to read it again because before my brunch, this 'ole brain found the opening of this chapter to be confusing. I also want to read it in another bible version. Hopefully a copy of the Pesh!tta is online, the which is the aramaic to English translation that I've found to be very clear. But, mine's in storage with all of our home goods.

Very cool you were told this and I think the reason is to encourage you that our enemies are indeed going to be corralled along with all types of evil. It addresses Babylon. I like it.