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Full Version: An Image , and 'Do You Understand?'
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Several strange segments to last night's dream. Some I will leave out for sake of significant brevity.

The night started, however, with an image that I'm hoping Dream Walker can help me with, as she is in the Sioux nation if I remember right. (sorry, I know no-one of the Crow Nation)

- - -
I see a native man, his cheekbones and slender face make the think of a few native tribes, but I assume Apache (as I am in/near traditional Mescalero Apache country). Very distinguished features, maybe 45-50, looking pensively upward as he might be watching something in the sky or praying. He also, however, has a complete 'white-face' on too. I don't notice any reds, or yellows, only a white face.

A voice asks me 'If I understand?' and I said (in the dream), 'yes'.

As it has been probably 20-years since I have been invited to a pow-wow, I had to look up 'Apache white-face', and note that the lower half of the Apache white-face' is red ( a 'war' face). I happened to find the painting by Kirby Sattler called 'I Am Crow', and there is almost the face I saw, albeit in the painting, he had black bars upon his face also. Sattler improvised the painting, and doesn't fully understand what he painted, so that was no help.

I feel that there was an important issue to the white-face I saw - (normally white is spirit, ghost, or dreamtime; in native color representations, but not always).

I said 'yes' that I understood' in the dream, because I saw it and felt it to be a 'death' face, but in waking time, I am not sure now.

Any help?

P.S. - the rest of the dream involved me and an 'apparently large' group of hunters - distributed region-wide, hunting many things and killing them. It was terrible in most all-respects. We were hunting at night, killing rats, mice, rabbits (what few were left), squirrels - it was a total fear of rabies! We were losing a battle to contain rabies, and a perfect segue into our horror that the 'bigfoot' that no one believed in, had became infected now - and that those who didn't believe in it were about to find out how terrifying a modified rabies-infected bigfoot could be. We were trying to stop the rabies while it was in the lower foodchain before things went south. There were also other terrors in the night-woods, too.  (I really have no idea WHERE this dream came from, as I don't hunt anymore, I'm not a 'destroyer' for no purpose, I don't 'run with a pack' of others, and I hadn't given the topic of bigfoot a thought since the last time it hit the news, probably a couple of years ago.

Keep in mind, the peaceful, pensive, almost holy image of this older native man in white face, looking up to the sky in an almost 'portrait like' pose was the introduction to that.
Skeeter - from this link (and chart) white face can mean "Sharing, Purity and Light" when used as Facepaint, but as Warpaint it means "Mourning". (Windy, please weigh in on this one).

I personally think that the message could mean both things. You said he was looking at the sky praying, but frankly the second half of your dream suggests mourning if we don't get our acts together. I think from your previous posts that you understand this as well.
Thanks, Golden Girl, for that little bit of info. After I read this, I called a local friend who is a native Apache, and (after waking him up growling), got a lot more to what I saw (then he also berated me that some 10-percent Cherokee blooded 'white man' would be given such a vision...all in general ribbing).

What I saw was a Paiute 'ghost dancer', and it as he can interpret it, is a solemn, almost ominous promise from the 'spirit world' that since the 'white man' would not leave, his own evil will end his days in North America. (you really have to read up on the 'Ghost Dance' to understand this interpretation).

The solemn, prayerful native I saw in white face was my guide, as my friend said, to show me what is to come. That nature is about to turn against man for his tampering with it in so many ways. (I took this to mean everything from microbial germ warfare to GMO foods).

He said that what I saw was 'the promise', and that it was not forgotten.

Then he wanted to know when I became Paiute, and I laughed and said, 'well, my grandmother did call me 'little tatanka', does that count? We carried on a bit, but thought I would share this - being as I opened what I now see as a 'major can of worms' by my post.

In effect, what he's telling me is that I was given a holy native vision equivalent to the Christian Apocalypse.
Skeeter - This gave the Spirit Chills. The way you write makes me see and feel the dream. Thank you for sharing! The part about the rabies must have been filled with anxiety.

Also, since you mentioned the Ghost Dance, I read about that years ago and read that the shirts of the last ghost dance are kept in a museum somewhere and sometimes they go on display. I tried looking on the internet to find out where they are kept, but couldn't find anything. If anyone reading this knows, please let me know.
Julie, the Lakota Sioux were the most prominent tribe to hold fast and keep the Ghost Dance. My guess would be a 'best source' of information would be to possibly speak with the Tribal Council in South Dakota if you want more information on the history of ceremonial dress and museum related issues.
Thanks for the update, and good you have a personal source (however grumbly!) that you can count on! When you mentioned germ warfare and GMO foods, that struck a chord, but the next thing I thought was fracking. (Another direction, but much tampering for sure! And the source of what some believe are new clusters of earthquakes, which is certainly Mother Nature shaking us off her back!)
Well, I do not know diddly except what I learn from Windy and others that I study even on TV about any tribe except Cherokee. That's what my elders were and I'm not fullblood but doesn't matter. All I know is that I was never "taught" to watch the sky. I am just led to, I just have always done it naturally and to the point that sometimes I may look a tad weird. The answers and life come from above and we are sustained from above. Our warnings come from above and our hope lies in Heaven and our physical as well as spiritual salvation is arriving from above.

I like this dream or dream snippet a *lot for these reasons, is my point. (Again sorry to be so wordy but this is what spontaneous talking from the heart is, for me anyway.)

The rest of your dream hits me as hugely metaphoric. The rats, etc that carried the disease represent the worst of Isis/Isil but not just them. All haters of freedom and integrity/honor were what y'all sought-out. Then, the bigfoot also being infected symbolizes things in society that no one hardly believes exist like communists in the USA?

It's your dream and your hunches are what matters. Perhaps the way it hit me is way off-base.
Nanny, we are all prone to our own dream interpretations. As for the native interpretation I was given, we must consider that many of them are very parallel to Christian stories as well. To summarize, a 'great Father' wishes us to be kind to each other, live in harmony with nature, and to not do evil but benefit our communities and the poor/needy that cannot take care of their own. We are told by both to 'respect the elder', to not make laws against nature or vehemently against each other, and to not be greedy (taking only what we need). The symbolism that native vs Christian were given may be literally different, by symbolically similar.

That said, we find far more evil wrapped in 'western religious iconography' throughout the past thousand years of earth's history than we do in the native philosophies. We see European Caucasian-decent peoples (of which my bloodline is predominant) as aggressors who came to a nation they were not given, and took it by dozens of broken treaties while killing 90-million native inhabitants, for the sake of personal gain; setting the Bible as the keystone on the grave marker of another conquered nation as justification and 'validated right' that what we did wasn't wrong.

If Israel is only a geographical marker, and 'America' is the actual 'Spiritual Israel' spoken of in end-times prophecy, then the native view of the 'Ghost-Dance' promises genocide to the whites (and others) who took North America from the native peoples. This, by the way, I have seen and felt for years - that the spoken of 'Tribes of Israel' are actually hidden in America as the 12 key native tribes in North America, and that the 'real Armegeddon' would not only happen here, but that it was about those who overthrew and tried to destroy the native peoples for sake of greed.

Speaking from the side of the 'reigning victor', we have most-certainly earned our punishment, if this is the case. We can't even admit to what we did, even now. Any who profess 'righteousness' need ask themself one thing first: 'when was the last time you prayed for forgiveness for what your forefathers did to the native peoples they destroyed to have their 2-story house they have now?'

The answer is, of course, very few. Personal gain and greed, before all else. See the theme here?
Hi skeeter, hi all.

Does not look good.

I left my place, after reading, and on my walk, I recalled my own Indian dream of many years ago.
My father strongly believed, and with much proof, that there is Indian ancestry in my family background too.  Might be Seneca tribe, thus why the dream Teller.
     In my dream I saw a majestic Indian man in full feather headdress .  I heard him speak. He says he is a Seneca elder or chief .  Was a chief.   He tells me a message.
This message is presented much like a bullet  point presentation.
Line by line and about a dozen lines and many of these lines are in a language that I cannot read.
From my memory.....

....his name is Kulcan.  He is coming to take all of the people back into the spirit worlds all at once.
Everyone goes at once.

...jdwoox lo for. 
 ........ Lines of foreign language follow.
The last line is this...
.....the white man has a name for Him also.  That name is the second coming of Jesus Christ.
End of dream.

Kulcan .    I looked this up.  The toltecs, olemics , Mayans, Aztecs all have the Un spellible name for their God.  Quazicacal.  Don't even ask me to even look this one up...often called mr "Q".
Kulcan was the latest and last name given to him when the spanards came.  Thus the currant name.
There is no time given.    I think I had this dream over ten years ago.  
I think also that this dream mentioned that everyone alive today will see this!

And already I see nature fighting back.  That tar sand mining there in Canada has created an open wound a hundred miles across, be thousands of years before it heals.  If they mine this all out, much of northern wilderness will be gone.   I suspect that the fires there are an answer by spirit.
Soon everyone will have to leave, Canada will lose all of its oil output.  

Nature and mankind are linked.  The weather you get is the weather that you all have created!
And deserve!  Same with other natural disasters, probably.  

Skeeter, that's true that we do, but I'd rather see your dreams though yours and others' eyes after sharing what I got from it. Thanks.

Yep, great evil is done by evil souls with any and all religions and ours of course is no exception. In fact, evil pounces upon anything good to defile it and to use it since the dark side of the force is the most subtle thing of all. It infiltrates to use.

Personally, I can't imagine Israel being "only a marker." USA hits me as the Babylon that will be destroyed and Israel as the Israel/chosen spoken of that will be attacked yet again and prevail still.

I sure do see the theme and thank you for continuing dialogue.
Nanny, it is easy to personally resolve 'evil' vs 'religion' if you merely see it for what it is:

Religion is politics, and nothing more. It is a form of government made by man, and overseen by certain church heads.

Good is not found in religion, good is found in faith and belief, action and implementation. All else is two-faced cross-talk to serve a man-focused purpose. When religion counters good, then religion is evil. It's really that simple. To make more of it than this, is to try and vilify good or to reconcile 'good' to a 'political platform' (i.e.: religion).

I walked away from religion as a young man, because I quickly saw this in a church and a faith, where the church had neither faith or belief, but a good line of credit at the bank, and a lot of greedy ministers and lay-ministers constantly fighting over what 'new, grand thing' they could build, could make, that would 'set the church apart' in the community. At 12, I realized that if the church couldn't see to spend the money ON THE NEEDY first, then it wasn't an organization I wanted to be associated with.

It's really easy to say 'What Would Jesus Do?' (WWJD), but it's a lot more difficult to get off the brainwashing, and actually answer the question.
Skeeter, just gave ya a thumbs-up for this post. We even walked away from organized worship at the same age, 12! This was the age that my parents stopped making me attend regular service so I stopped completely.

Jesus is a sovereign, individual and direct savior. He is also of course non-denominational. He does not need churches. Now, I do know a couple of folks that have no believers in their immediate orbit. One that comes to mind chooses to attend church. Otherwise, like you, "been there, done that" and personally have grown beyond its use, need or desire.

I also saw how church members seemed to mesh their identities. They lost a bit of themselves to the group, talking and acting the same like we did in the seventies with "sex,drugs and rock'n roll." I went it alone and sincerely sought my creator and then decades later discovered true worship----which IMO is the practice of silent stillness which is the antithesis of organized religion.
Nanny, it seems that in a lot of ways, we have walked similar paths.

Again, one of the reasons that I found the Desert Southwest so appealing, is the Native influence and the closest thing to which I found in a belief system that meshed with what my heart told me was true.

I really despise politics, no matter what ilk it hides behind, whether it is a church or secular voting. Nothing was meant to be good, and be like that. Truth, and what is right, should never have 'multiple renditions to what is acceptable'. While I have many-times been accused of 'only seeing things in black and white', there really is only a truth wrapped in right-and-wrong. Anything else is confusion, which is the whole wrapper that evil wants to encase everything in.

Maybe that would answer what my Native friend asked, when he jokingly said 'why is an old white man getting Native visions', but since he doesn't 'Internet', he won't get to read this. I guess he'll just have to take it on faith. I know he can do that.