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Full Version: Child Molesters
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Okay, I can only remember a tiny bit of this dream, but it is enough to make me want to hurt someone. (You'll see why.)

So, in this dream, I was apparently dating a friend of mine. (I don't know what is up with all of these dating dreams, but they need to stop!) He's soldier who is currently active in Afghanistan. In the dream he had come back to the US and asked me out. I guess I didn't think it could hurt to go on a date, so I agreed to go out with him on a trip to somewhere. Anyway, we were in a big hotel or something and getting situated in the room and of course there are four kids running around and its chaotic, so he asks me to go out and do something. I can't remember what it was, but it seemed like it was just some sort of busy work and I thought it might just be to give me a break from the kids. Anyway, after I had left the room and made it halfway down the hall of this place, I got a terrible chill and felt like something was just SO wrong, so I turned around and ran back to the room. When I opened the door, to my horror there were three other men in this room. HUGE men, very tall and muscular. And one of my middle sons was naked and being instructed to dance. I ran over to him and pulled of my shirt to cover him up. One of the men there, the ringleader I think, was holding Lily. She had clothes on, thank God.

The man holding her was just freaking huge. He was probably 6'5" or taller, had just HUGE muscles... the kind with veins all popping out everywhere, he had very light blonde hair and a military haircut. A very strait emotionless face. I told him to give me my daughter, and he acted as if he did not hear me. I happened to have a knife in my cleavage, so I bust that sucker out and put it against his throat, then told him again, very slowly, that he had better give me my daughter back, because if he did not, I was going to make it my life's mission to kill him and his friends and all the muscles in the world would not save him from me. With a disgusted face, he handed me my daughter. I held her tight and looked to see my other two sons crouched in the corner of the room scared to death.  I asked my oldest son if that man had touched my daughter in her private place, and he said that he had. So I looked at that man and growled at him that he had better run, because I was going to kill him. I did not even think to call the police, I was going to just flat out kill him in that dream. I was going to do it the very moment I found a safe place for my children. I think the men knew this. The other two men were also very huge. They had darker hair and were also very muscular. They seemed to be more scared of me than the blonde man. I realized in the dream that compared to the men, I had a much smaller frame and was much shorter at about 5'6", and not nearly as strong... they might be able to whoop me... but that didn't matter to me. I was sure I could take them down with me. I was a force to be reckoned with. Oh yes, I was going to destroy their world.

When those three men left, I gathered all of the children and inspected them head to toe. No one seemed seriously physically injured, but they were all scared to death... then that man I was supposed to be dating came around and put his hands on my shoulders gently from behind. I turned to face him, still holding that knife and asked him why he was still there and wasn't running. He SAID he was just an innocent bystander in all of this... but I felt like he had only dated me because he wanted to victimize my children. I felt like those other three men were friends of his and this was all planned. But I didn't call him out on this, yet. I might need to use him to find those men again later. I think he knew I was plotting and so he started acting cute, trying to joke with me and make things seem okay or like it was no big deal. Give me a false sense of security or something. It wasn't working. I glared at him to let him know I wasn't buying into it, so he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me on top of him on the bed in the room. Suddenly I saw that he was wearing something on his head. It looked like he had women's pantyhose over his head. Thick, GREEN women's pantyhose. I was furious he had pulled me down on top of him like that and I was squirming to get away and also very confused about those pantyhose on his face. He lifted his head from the bed while holding me tight against him and gently put his lips against mine as if he were trying to kiss me... through those pantyhose. His lips were very cold and wet. It was like putting my lips against melting ice. Like kissing a dead person maybe. If it wasn't already painfully obvious he was NOT the one, it certainly was now. I pushed myself off of him gagging and wiping my mouth and he just acted SO insulted. That was when I told him that I thought he had a huge part to play in what had happened and that he wasn't fooling me. He tried to twist things to make ME feel like the bad guy and ran out of the room... when he left the room, I ran to the door to see where he went. He went into a room a couple of doors down and so I put all of my kids in the bathroom which had a big steel door and locked it instructing my oldest son not to let anyone in but me. (It could only be opened from the inside)... then I made my way to the room I saw that guy go into. Without knocking, I let myself into the room, all but the blonde man looked scared to death. I told them that it was not a good idea to be so close to my children and told them all that if they were smart, they would be trying to get as far away from them as possible. I was not playing around with them, and I meant to kill them, especially the tall blonde man for what he had done to my daughter. The three other guys were all freaking out, but the blonde guy and I locked eyes and so I walked up to him and stared him down... my head being right at about shoulder level to him. After a while he sort of grunted at me and walked out of the room with the other men following him.
You were being tested. Don't know who the players were but they were there to push your buttons and see how you would react.
Being tested, huh? Well I'd be interested to know who was testing me and for what reason. I wonder if they got the reaction they expected.
(05-09-2016, 11:51 AM)Elyse Wrote: [ -> ]Being tested, huh? Well I'd be interested to know who was testing me and for what reason. I wonder if they got the reaction they expected.

No clue who was behind the testing. As for your reaction, I suspect they picked out what they thought would be your worst nightmare-your kids being violated-to see what would happen. Now they know, whoever "they" are. If they were hoping you'd drop into fear, they were wrong.

Smart thing, sticking the kids in the bathroom, though. I find that bathrooms tend to be outside the dreamscape, like little pockets of dreamtime that aren't part of the dream itself, so in effect, you put the kids in the one place they couldn't be touched(literally and figuratively) again. You even put a heavy-duty door on the bathroom, to make sure those kids were safe. Nice touch. I'll have to remember that the next time I have to hide out in a dream bathroom. Big Grin
Huh, I didn't know that about the bathrooms, but I guess I do now! Thank you, DLP! I was REALLY sort of bothered by this dream, now I feel a lot better!

Yeah, if "they" ever thought I would just sit back and allow something bad to happen to my kids or ANY children for that matter, "they" are DEAD wrong. I DO NOT play when it comes to children being hurt. Not in the dream world and certainly not in real life.