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DLP, you know you mention Elvis, and I had totally forgotten that he died in August of 1977 (very close to a daytime vision event I had). Not sure of the significance between '63 and '77, though, other than 14-years.

I remember the dinner I happened to be at, the day it was announced, though. We had a radio playing and the news broke about his death.

If anything, you may very well have hit the nail on the head when you said "both were golden children of the people". One was the final loss of political confidence, the other the death of national pride. (consider, that few things have re-rallied either, since their passing).

If this is the case, then have we stumbled on the true meaning I saw 40-years ago when I heard 'now the end begins'? That from Presley's death and for 40-years forward, it was the 40-year funeral march to national death, too?

Bravo, skeeter....

I was writing my pen pal friend, who also follows your posts....
"" I hesitate to even chime in, here, on his threads, to post my own ideas!  I am only a dabbler in this, my writing skills are so blah....but he has the rare gift, of true seeing, humbleness, and a knowing that he can discern between the message and his own ideas and interpretations about the message and that the small details are not written in stone.""

Very rare in a seer.  My hat is off to you.

And sobering.  Somehow I think the survivalists are a bit deluded.  They are just materialists under another name.  They think they can run to a safe spot and escape!
The only way out is SPIRIT, living a spirit filled life with Christ as the center. Not church dogma Jesus either.
But there probably are true survival mission given souls, you probably know who you are...
And where to go and when, all spirit given.

Anyway....this series of threads is the most lucid series I have seen yet, on the end times subject.

I too have seen the my own dream references to the mid fifties.
And some of the Meetings I have seen and heard snippets of.   And I have seen that some of the smaller outcomes have changed over the years.
My own take is that the real down dirty end times has been pushed ahead, in time.  Like maybe from the late 90s, to ahead.  Alas, there seems to be a final barrier, where the End cannot be pushed ahead any more...and we all now are right up against this time!!

End times, I mean my self this phrase to mean the end of civilization.  The world will go on.
Some survivors, maybe.  If not, maybe bears or cats will soon accept souls for incarnations
If survivors, a new earth age will begin....similar to Noah and the flood times.

The end, either all at once or dragged out over a number of months or years.

So keep posting.  I feel you are guided, skeeter......

Freestonew, you are a valuable soul with a ton of light just as Skeeter is. The body of Christ is toes to the head, each and every one of us.
Just wanted you to know that you, too are a blessing to read and a very valuable contributor for NDC.

Am glad you both are here to be read and pondered. Sincerely~
Freestone, I like your comments, don't stop.

That said, I have my own 'end times' ideas of what was meant (due to suffering some of the things I've seen for over half a century, both in dream time and waking hours). While it would take a large book to capture my memories and dreams, not to mention my interpretation of them as a whole 'quilt' of one over-arching story, here's what I've noticed.

There are some numbers embedded in the 'end story', but not as many significant ones as people believe. The numbers 3, 7, 24, 27, 48, 64 and 70 are 'major numbers', while I think the rest are 'minor' in influence, in some way.

There was meant to be a '27-year war' in the midst (or end of) the last 40-year 'end time' which, I am quite convinced, started for whatever reason in 1977. Originally, the war was meant to be literal, but due to the absolute horror that would have brought, it apparently was changed to a figurative-war transacted as politics, corruption, and graft instead. The war was to be 11-years and 16-years, broken only by a 2-week period in the middle where a truce was signed, and then violated. In the literal application, this would have been a World War starting in 2001. In the figurative sense, it was actually applied as 9/11.

I have never, EVER seen a date older than 2017 given me, and only once seen a 'month-by-month' calendar of 2017, where it faded away in January of that year. I have even heard a sad, melancholy voice once tell me that (while showing me that first month or so of 2017) 'now, it is over', as if a producer was 'calling it a wrap' on a movie set.

While I have seen, apparently, another 'age-of-man' where they are young and have no clue about why we did what we did, I was not shown this against a backdrop of a 'calendar', so I can only suppose that to be another age, maybe separated by a decade, maybe by 1000 years. I was not told the answer to this. I know I was not literally a part of this world, though.

One thing is very consistent in most of my dreams relative to the 'end time' itself. While I have never seen it actually transpire, I have seen dozens of images where a government, possibly a group of governments, have designed, built and intend to deploy advanced technology weapons against 'the creator' when he returns. They FULLY believe he exists, they rationalize him as 'an alien power', and that he has warned them that he will destroy the evil ones, they have fully planned to take him on in war if he returns and tries. I have seen more on this subject, but really can't speak on it further (some endings are better saved to be played out, instead of known beforehand).

As I have said before, I have seen a lot, and some I can't disclose due to promises made. With that said, all I can peacefully say is that I'm happy in my little desert abode, and as long as I've got a few day-to-day supplies, I'm ok. As for survival, I know the desert quite well. I don't 'prep' for it, anymore than just having the knowledge to live here like the Apache did and does. I figure if they made it, so can I. I really can't say that about armies and invaders who don't understand the place too well. The moment they don't have billions in gear and supplies, it's just my knowledge against their absence of water. I can wait a few days to not have aggressors anymore.

Then again, it will not come to that on a grand scale, either - and that's the one chink in the thought processes of those trying to 'out-think' a creator, versus one who's just willing to accept himself as a peaceful person trying to leave everyone alone.
Yes, skeeter, hi all....

A mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg , taken by angels to learn of heaven and God, was shown there are Ages.  He called them, "church ages".  The last one ended at Noah?  There have been, he writes, about 5 to 7 of them.  Each a major world civilization, and went from growth to rot.  Then each in turn was destroyed.    Each had outlived its usefulness and sin had overrun it.
       My own end time dreams, some of which were astoundingly terrible, seem now to have been over written.   There was one where a master showed to me a ruined earth, seen from space high over North America.  All that I could see is clouds.  Then a scene of survivors groverling through ruins in a fog gray dim lit atmosphere.  The master then showed a safe zone where, "people saved to begin the new race". The master then shook his arm in anger.  A master angry?  WATCH OUT!!
   He pointed to a group of people hiding in the military underground rooms near Denver.  He wanted to get at them as if they eventually emerged, they would contaminate the new race with materialistic ideas from the old!
  Skeeter!  I think you live in that Zone!  I could see a oval hole in the clouds, there are people there. A zone from northern Mexico to south Utah and as wide as maybe western Arizona to middle of New Mexico.  
Freestone, I can't divulge what I know, other than to say the 'original plan' was too terrible to unleash, that there is a 'divine safe zone' for a 'nested next-generation' to spring from, and that we will poison them and doom them if we try to survive to influence them in any way. There is a great contradiction in saying one believes in 'a creator', and then trying to survive into another age he does not want, or need you to survive into. This is the paradox of survivalism, at its worst.

I was, most likely, to play a far more significant role than I did or will, due to something I did a time ago. I refused to carry on when someone was taken from me. I couldn't (and won't) let it go to 'take a new companion', and I am pretty confident that due to my stubbornness on this one issue, I caused my own 'beneficial write-out' of any grander purpose. To this, my creator and I have come to one agreement - I DON'T CARE. He doesn't need this much carnage to tell such a horror story, and my total shredding, my decimation, wasn't required to tell some 'companion, pt.2' junky story. He and I appear to have unresolvable issues that I won't let go. In my case, it's not about belief - I just blatantly think he was cruel for the sake of a story line, and as a result, I resigned.

So, I guess I get spoken to on occasion, and tell what I'm not supposed to keep suppressed. I'm not argumentative about it, just not outgoingly participating, either though. It's not that I think more of myself than I am, quite the contrary, it's that I don't seek anything greater than a front porch and cold ice water. Everything else that matters wasn't only taken from me, but a replacement was planned that I absolutely have no need of.

Like I said, I know more than I can share, other than high-level summaries.

On a small hint, though, I can tell you that there are several that were planned to be 'much greater' than they are - and all that I was aware of have either gone off-track, or quit too. This may, in fact, be why that the story is far more 'earthly political' than 'widescreen angel warfare in the heavens' now. It seems even creation had to go to their plan 'C', because they caused too much damage to too many key players to stay on track for what they originally planned to do.

Maybe, it was better for everyone this way, too. I don't know.
By the way, one tidbit I would like to add to my last comment that CAN be posted is this (and to me, it is VERY funny indeed). from post 9/11, and militaristic build-ups to intentional eavesdropping on every person possible by a government that is a soulless entity determined to preserve its own existence - the signs are clear, the whole intent of government-spying on its own citizens while intentionally maintaining open borders is quite obvious. It is NOT terrorists that are being surveilled for in this world. It is the ever-watchful eye of government waiting on their 'alien god and his army' so they can fight them, vanquish them, and continue on forever'.

As a result, maybe the what I said is backward. Maybe existence changed to a new plan, and in it, I was not required to fulfill a previously assigned task (as were others like me). All I know is that the full-sum (100-percent) of everything I see pending now is of natural forces (earthquakes, solar rays, astronomical impacts, chemical and biological agents and more). It appears that existence doesn't like the evil it has found here, and instead of 'rounding up a mortal force to counter evil', it's going to let evil's own handiwork get out of control to a major extent and wipe out their own constructs.

In the end, the same story is told, only with different tools implemented. I have never seen global war, but I have seen billions laying dead as a result of a biological nightmare that escaped from 'government control'. They are their own enemy and serve to wipe away their own stain, due to lax controls and a total lack of concern for human life. I guess existence found this far more 'poetic' of a punishment, that while government is 'watching your webcam' to see if you are a messenger 'of god', that the army rising against them and that will wipe them out actually requires a microscope to see, and came from their own ineptitude - and that they never even saw it coming.

Sorry, but in terms of black-humor, that is pretty funny, you have to admit.
So I read the first two or three posts and the last...specifically Nanny. Yes, this is the script of the Omen 2. I grew up in Christian County, MO...just north of Branson, which I know better than anyone else because I have a lot of grandparents. It's the scene where Damien is on a balcony and the flag of MO drifts in front of him. The area code is 417. My mother's side of the family owns the oldest garden's and greenhouse in the Ozarks...the oldest in the nation is in St. Louis. The greenhouse is called Steinert's. It was started in 1912.

Please brighten my eyes more! Show me!! Where two are...there is God!!! Heart
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