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Full Version: Grandmother Dream, 5.10.16, AM
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Start of Dream. I am sitting in a chair and someone is brushing my hair. Then it feels like they are putting a hat or something on my head. The person is a woman and she says ok, open your eyes now. I look in the mirror and see I look to be in my 80's. I am wearing a sun bonnet and can see a little bit of white hair under it. I smile and say, I look just like my grandmother when she wore sun bonnets. The woman smiled and said, these are so pretty I thought you would like one.  End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: I attached a picture of the type my Grandmother would wear when she was outside. She made them herself and had a few of them. I cannot imagine myself ever wanting to wear a bonnet. A straw hat for sure, but not a bonnet! Rolleyes
Another old-fashioned throwback item. This one's really got some age on it! Reminds me of prairie living.
She wore those bonnets when she worked in the fields along with her family sharecropping. Even after they no longer worked the fields she still wore them mostly in summer when outside. Her bonnets were always big because she was Pentecostal and wore her hair up in big curls on top her head. In French they called the bonnet a Garde Soleil.

As I was writing this another thought came to me. I am thankful that I had someone looking after me that was so sweet and thoughtful. I sometimes think about getting to that age and wonder how I will manage living.