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Full Version: 5/10/2016 9:45am Pink waiting room
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I am sitting in a waiting room with pink walls, there are many windows on each side of the room. (I get the impression that this pink room is a womb, it feels like a safe place)

I am sitting in a chair, like a doctors office there are several pink chairs and a small table with magazines on it. I am waiting, yet i can see everything that is going on outside of the room because of the large windows, i can also hear everything going on outside.

I keep standing up to get a better look out of the windows. On one side there are riots, from another window i see natural disasters.

I instinctively know that this is not my body or soul. I am seeing through the eyes of another. I feel sadness and an anxious fear from this soul.

As I am waking up from the dream i hear elevator music... yeah a waiting room.
I find it interesting that on your post about the waking dream smells that they could possibly be for a medicinal purpose, and here you were in a doctor's waiting room. Not liking the trouble outside the window, this goes into the category of the apocalyptic meme.
Thank you Golden Girl, that perspective on my dream and the smells did not occur to me. I love it when light bulbs go off above my head.
Sometimes it takes someone else looking at the crossword puzzle you've been working on for hours to see a possible answer. That's why I love this place!!!!