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Full Version: Of bars and parks
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6 May 2016
No intention set

There were lots of bits and pieces of dreams but this is what I remember clearly:

1) In a bar/tavern, listening to a woman singing a country/western heartrbreak song-"Need You Now"- and muttering to the person next to me, Jeez, she needs to get a life. He laughs. I don't know this man but he's been hanging out with me and I get the sense he likes me. We go to the bar, get some drinks, and chat for a while. Then I tell him I need to go. I get my jacket and head for the door. There's another man standing there and I get a weird vibe that he's waiting for me. He says something to me, I don't remember what, and I give a noncommittal reply. He leaves but I know he hasn't gone, that he's waiting for me to leave the bar. I stand there, trying to decide what to do. The first guy approaches and asks what's going on. I tell him about the other guy and how that guy gives me the creeps. I ask if he'll walk with me to my car, just in case. He asks if I'm afraid. No, I tell him, I just like having options. Okay, he says, and opens the door for me. We step outside. He says, After all, it's not like you're helpless. Somehow I know he knows about me and that doesn't surprise me. True, I say, but I still like having options.

2) In a park setting. Open green space, trees, paths, and a stream feeding into a small lake. People swimming in the lake. Other people wandering around. No one seems to take any notice of me. I have no clue what I'm doing there or what's going on. I'm joined by my guy-friend. He asks what I'm doing there. I tell him I don't know. He tells me he doesn't know why he's here either. We wander around the park. Watch some ducks swimming in the stream. My friend says, You know I'm going to sleep with you some day. I laugh and say, Like that's some big mystery. He says, Just wanted to be clear about it. Of course, I say. We see a man in a boat on the lake who seems to be rowing in our direction. My friend takes my hand. C'mon, he says, I think we should go. I agree. We walk away from the lake, not following any pathways but walking across the grass. No one seems to notice us. Then I woke.


I think the creepy guy and the guy in the rowboat were the same person. No clue who he was.

I don't tend to hang out in bars and I certainly don't hang out anywhere when there's karaoke nights. *shudder*

When parks show up for me, those tend to be places that seem to be outside of any reality. Sort of halfway points between this reality and other realities.
In near-death descriptions of the lower levels of heaven, it's often described as Summerland, or a beautiful park-like setting. When my ex had a motorcycle accident and was in a coma, I went into a meditative state to go talk with him, and ending up meeting him at a bench in a park, and we talked about why he wasn't waking up. One of the reasons he gave was "But it's just so nice and peaceful here."

Doesn't surprise me you relate parks to being outside of "reality".

And I should add that he had his motorcycle with him, parked next to the bench. He did come out of it ok, and kept riding. Sigh. WORD TO THE WISE - ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. IT'S THE OTHER DRIVERS TEXTING ETC.YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT.
Elder son lost a leg in an accident. Woman not paying attention plowed into his bike, which crushed his foot. He was wearing his full helmet, which protected his head as he bounced off the pavement. In fact, his commander kept the kid's now-beat to hell and gone helmet on his desk and used it in safety briefings.

I've been in the park setting multiple times, sometimes to talk with someone who crossed over. I can't go where they are and they can't come to this reality so we meet in the park to talk.

Thinking about it, I wonder if it's sort of neutral territory?
Wow D, sorry about your son's leg, but thank TPTB he was wearing a helmet. My ex never did, and he is a lucky man he has such a blasted hard head. One of the reasons he is my ex Smile

I think the park must be neutral, because I had no idea where we would meet. A dark bar should've been where my brain coughed up a setting, not a park. And for him to tell me it was nice and peaceful? That was a real place.
The park is very nice. The place I go to has a bench in front of a fountain that has bunches of flowers planted around it. Once I went walking and found an open air temple looking place with very tall columns. The bench, walkways, building & fountain all look like marble.
My area of the park looks more like a well manicured golf course. Big Grin
Well GG you need to looks for the fountain area, very nice.
Mine tends to include a stream or creek that flows into a pond or small lake. There are picnic tables scattered about, too, and usually there are a lot of people around.
So interesting we all have different areas. But then it should be more a realm of mind I would think. I've always loved the quiet of a well manicured park or golf course. Not a lot of people. So it doesn't surprise me that's what my park would look like.