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Full Version: Bed full of people
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No intention but I was thinking of some new gardening techniques I have learned and other strategies to "save the Earth" as I fell asleep last night.

5-13-16: I am tossing and turning in bed and can't get comfortable. I don't have enough room. I raise up and look around me to see what's blocking me. I am surrounded by other sleepers. 12 people, 3 rows of 4. The head of the bed is toward the east, foot is westward, I am second from the southern edge in the middle row. The people at the foot of the bed are struggling to stay on the bed. I feel relieved that I am not in that row. At least I have more room than they do. I draw my legs up to make more room for another woman who is also awake and trying to figure out how to stay on the bed. I have a knowing that we are all in this together and have to make it work.

The take away message seems to be we have all made this bed together and now must lie in it together. Perhaps a metaphor for the collective effort it will require to heal the Earth. So I felt compelled to share this brief dream. My friend Tzivia wrote an article, A Dreamers Role in Hopelesss Times, on She writes, " Activism can be quiet and invisible and Can take root one heart at a time."

So tonight I will dedicate my dream time to creating positive change and healing for the Earth and all her peoples. I invite you to join me.
Thanks for posting this dream! I love the part " Activism can be quiet and invisible and Can take root one heart at a time." V
Thanks AmorVincitOmnia. This was a really neat dream. and I like the message you came away with as well.
I hope we can all can come together and help make it work as well.
Thanks for the replies. I enjoy being a part of such a supportive group of powerful dreamers.
12 people, 3 rows of 4. Beds.... Humm

From my dream:
Inside where three rows of 3 military sleeping cots, and on top of the cots was a stack of 3 more cots. Total of 27 cots in each tent,

I do believe dear Watson that there is an important key part in these rows of people/beds that we are all missing here. OVERLAP!
Could your dream have to do with the frozen food recall?
Here is just a fraction of the frozen foods with contaminated vegetables being recalled.