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Full Version: Overview-review
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05/15/2016 AM
Intent: how can I help the world if I don't have understanding of some things I have been seeing/hearing.
Mood: calm, curious

I am sitting on the floor with five boxes semi -circled around me and one directly in front of me.

Box #1 on far left hand is marked high points, next box #2 is marked good points, #3 low/sad points and box #4 is marked tragedy. They are all open and empty. Box #5 on the far right of me is marked evils.

The sixth box in front of me has pictures. My instructions are to sort all the pictures into the different boxes.

I reach into box six and pull out a picture. It is a picture of a baby girl taking her first steps. It is a high point of my life as now I have freedom to roam the world. It goes into box #1. The next picture is of toddler that has been kidnapped it goes into sad box #4. Next picture is of said child being returned unharmed and goes into good box #2. A picture of a funeral goes into box #3. Pictures of a friend’s wedding go into box # 2. Box #4 gets pictures of the sexual assaults, the loss of a child, the death of a child and other types of tragic events. Box #5 gets the hateful behaviors, the violence, disregard of human life, and the self inflicted harms.

After what feels like several days and a never empty box, I have all the pictures sorted and box six is empty.

Now I am given two new boxes, one #7 labeled high points the other #8 low points. I am instructed to go through each of the other boxes and pick out the points that were life changing.
Going through boxes #1- 3 is easy and quick as it has things like learning to walk and talk, riding a bike, graduations, weddings, birth of children, etc. Box #4 is a bit more difficult because even though they are sad/low points there were few life changing events.
Box #5 is awful to go through again as it forces recall of such tragic experiences. It also has the most life changing pictures. I finally get through the boxes and box #7 is about half full but box #8 is full and overflowing.

During this process I have had to really think about my life and what made me the way I am. Who am I, how did I arrive at this place and time and what purpose do I serve.

Now I get 3 more boxes, one marked “for me”, “by me” and one marked “to me”. Again I sort.
I am told that the box "to me" is no longer my problem it will be dealt with by others. I am left with the box “for me” and “by me” and I now have to deal with these two boxes.

Hubby woke me up as it was noon!

Comments: I am pretty sure this is day residue as I have been watching a bunch of videos about meditation, after life and reincarnation, prison planet theory, the awakening, and mental health issues.
Maybe tonight I can get to deal with the last two boxes.
This is a very interesting dream Edna. I also hope you can finish it soon and let us know your thoughts.