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Full Version: Evil Kittens
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I can't remember all of this dream, but it seems like it was one of those long adventure dreams I just love. At some point I was wandering around and come across this heavy man sitting on a cliff. He waved me over so I walked over to meet him. As we are sitting I ask him what he is doing up there and he told me he is waiting for "the show". So I stand there with him and see these people all gather around below in a group and they all start arguing and fighting. The chubby man is just all into this, clapping his hands and eating snacks like someone would at a theater, and I wonder for a moment if this is all staged, but it seems natural. It’s just a large group of people fighting with each other. After a while, the man says its time for it to end and I follow the man down the slope of the cliff. The whole time he is talking to me about geography and negative energy, which was new to me. I didn’t see what location had to do with anything, but according to him, it had worlds to do with those people being so negative towards one another. We walked into the middle of the crowd and it was hard to tell if everyone was so busy fighting they didn’t notice us, or if we were invisible. The chubby man pulled out a stick/wand and wagged it around in the air, then everyone stopped what they were doing and just looked at each other all confused for a few minutes. Most of them looked sort of embarrassed and they apologized and dispersed. I gave the man a questioning look and he explained to me that he had to maintain this place, but it was okay because he liked what he did. He told me it’s like a never ending soap opera marathon. Then he told me that he had me there for a reason.

He couldn’t leave that area so he wanted me to help him get rid of these things that are hurting people. So I agreed to help him and we walked a little ways until I got a really sick feeling in my stomach. The man gave me a very serious look and told me to remember this feeling always. I asked him what was making me feel so sick and worried and he told me I would see in just a moment, and he gave me a dagger-like thing. It was beautiful. Weird lookin’ but beautiful. The tip of this dagger was clear and I got the impression it was made out of crystal. The handle was very black and felt like some sort of stone. There were leather straps on it with wooden beads and white and brown feathers on the end. There were rainbow beads lined up the handle. It was very heavy and felt pretty sturdy, and holding this thing sorta eased my stomach and got rid of the worried feeling. Suddenly I felt pretty darn good. Brave and ready for action!

I walk with the man a little farther and then see the ground light up in a sort of yellow light in front of me… and I could feel a timer. I felt like I only had SO much time to do something, so I asked the man what was going on, and he said there was some sort of bad thing on the loose and I needed to find it and kill it before time ran out or it would hurt/kill someone. He told me to follow the light, that it would lead me to the general area of the bad thing. I started to freak out, being worried that someone was about to die, and ran in the direction the light was pointing… finally I came to a couple on another cliff. I can see the thing the chubby man was talking about sneaking up on a young woman. I think it wants to push her off of the cliff. But… I was a bit shocked because even though this thing gave off some pretty bad vibes, it looked like a kitten. It looked like the biggest, fattest, cutest kitten I had ever seen in my life. I felt bad that I had to kill it. I couldn’t imagine stabbing this thing and so I started to get terribly upset. Then the man shoved me and told me to get going. He said OF COURSE it’s going to take the form of something cute and cuddly because it’s harder for someone to want to kill it then. Well, that made sense, but I still had a hard time wanting to stab the little guy.

The kitten was getting closer to the woman, and I could feel the timer getting close to running out and so I yelled for the woman to watch out, and the kitten thing turned to look at me and made a sort of surprised face as if it were shocked I could see it, and then it stood up on two legs like a person and started bouncing around the woman. I felt like it was mocking me and that it still meant to hurt this woman, and so I ran to her holding out the dagger when I felt it start to vibrate and pull me towards the kitten. I don’t think the woman saw me, but I think she heard me because she turned and looked behind her where me and the kitten were and looked strait through us. Then grabbed the man’s hand that she was standing next to and they talked as they enjoyed the view from over the cliff, as if nothing were going on around them. It was probably a good thing, because I was being semi-dragged to the kitten now by the dagger and as I got closer to it, the kitten started to get pulled into my dagger. This was freaking me out, so I'm sure it would have been a sight for anyone else as well.

The kitten eventually got absorbed into the dagger thing and was gone and the timer in my head stopped and the light on the ground went away. I was relieved I didn’t have to stab it because that was bothering me a lot. There was no blood or guts or dead kitten… just a nice peaceful feeling. The chubby man told me what a good job I had done and told me how proud he was and I walked back to his cliff with him. He was in a hurry because it was “time for the next show”. He reminded me not to ignore the feeling he introduced me to and told me to make sure to follow the light. It could mean life or death. So I promised I would and he told me to keep the dagger and get to work. So, in the dream I had to hunt down a couple more of these kittens. I would be wandering around and suddenly get that sinking, sick feeling in my gut and start looking for the light, then have to quickly find the kitten before it was too late. I managed to find every kitten, but throughout the whole dream, I was paranoid that I would end up missing one and someone would be gravely injured or killed.
Wow, Elyse very cool dream that's full of symbolism. Am tired and haven't gotten a complete picture on this, but always "follow the light" because it alerts us to evil and keeps us safe.

The beautiful weapon you were given did not require *you to do the fighting. You were just to have it in your presence and it did the fighting for you. It did the magic work, so to speak. But you had to obey and follow the light as well as, so it sounds keep this shield, this armor with you and in your awareness, choosing to make it part of your experience/journey.

The timer you would hear...fascinating, am quite fatigued cuz of bad night of sleep but sure wondering what the timer symbolizes.

Evil is *the* most subtle of all and satan/demons even come as angels of light, so the kitten is not a surprise but dang genius of evil, is what I got from it.

What have you gotten from this dream per its meaning, so far?
Elyse, I find the sick feeling you were getting in your stomach interesting. I pick up that kind of feeling in varying degrees around people whose energy is less than clean.
Oh my my. You met one of your teachers and he jumped right into your lessons. Hope you took notes. There may not be a test on the material later but you can guaran-damn-tee you will need what you learned at some point. Big Grin

As for the knife, yes, it was likely crystal. I work with various crystals, one of which is a clear Vogel wand used for removing unwanted energies/entities. How you saw the kitten absorbed into the dagger is a good description of what happens when an energy/entity is pulled into the Vogel. It stays there until I release the energy and cleanse the crystal.

You also learned that energies/entities can take on other shapes. They will do what they think is necessary to gain their objective, which may include taking on the shape of something cute and cuddly. Like the teacher said, trust that sensation in your gut because your eyes and other senses may deceive you into letting down your guard or hesitating.

(I won't call these entities and energies "evil." That's a subjective label and it is meaningless because it is subjective. They have reasons for what they do, just as we have reasons for what we do, and they consider their reasons just as valid as we consider ours valid. If we must label them something, I suggest "adversaries" because they are working in opposition to the work we(the collective "we" ) are doing and we are working in opposition to them.).