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Full Version: Knee deep in celebrities
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19 May 2016
No intention set

Two separate dreams:

1) I'm part of what feels like a movie/TV show, yet I'm watching but not actively taking a part. No one in the show notices me. It's a mystery-thriller type show. Main characters are the couple from the show "Castle" and Ellen deGeneres, who is playing the Castle guy's sister. She talks constantly, babbling really, and I find her very annoying. I have no idea what her part of the plot is beyond she's wandering around, telling people she's looking for her brother but really doing nothing active to find him. There's also a Bad Guy, played by Robert Davi. He doesn't speak, he just keeps showing up and watching the characters, who don't seem to notice him lurking about. This scenario goes on for some time, with locations shifting from being in the city to being on a crowded tour bus to being somewhere wooded and isolated. Point of view shifts from Ellen to the Castle guy. Not much focus on the Castle woman. I have no idea what's going on, this seems to be the most plotless show I've ever watched.

There was a scene with the Bad Guy being accosted by an overweight middle-aged man with thinning hair. OW Man is all up in the Bad Guy's face, yelling and carrying on, but the Bad Guy just stands there and smiles at him the whole time. I wanted to yell at the OW Guy to back off, that he doesn't know who he's yelling at, but I know he wouldn't hear me since I'm not really part of the show. Scene jumps and Bad Guy is coming out from a stand of trees. He's dragging OW Guy by a rope/chain around OW Guy's neck. OW Guy is covered with blood, choking and crying. I watch as Bad Guy drops the rope and pulls out a large knife. He begins slicing into OW Guy, who screams and screams. There's nothing I can do to stop what happens and I really, really, really don't want to watch. But I can't seem to leave and I'm there until OW Guy has been gutted and disemboweled and the screaming has stopped. Then I can leave, so I go to find the main characters. Somehow, I don't know how yet, but somehow I'll make it possible for them to hear me so I can warn them about the Bad Guy, so I can help them escape from the Bad Guy. At this point I'm no longer a watcher but have become part of the plot. I also know that Bad Guy is aware of this development and is coming after me to stop me.

2) On a plane, watching a "Cosmos"-type show on the movie screen. The show is hosted by Michael Douglas and Jack Klugman. I comment to no one in particular that Douglas may be getting older but he seems almost ageless, depending on makeup and lighting. Guy sitting next to me glances up from his reading and says, Excuse me? I recognize the guy. It's Jack Klugman. Sorry, I say, I was just blathering to myself. Then I tell him how much the spouse and I enjoyed this show-the "Cosmos" type show-and how we actually scheduled the time the show was on so we'd be sure to be home to watch it, we enjoyed it so much. He smiles and thanks me for the compliment. Just one thing, I say, How did you do the show when you've been dead for several years? He laughs and says that maybe we'r all dead so it worked out. Besides, he says, you're a shaman, you know how things work. Yeah, I say, but I'm going to survive the plane crash. You sure? he asks. Positive, I say. The plane begins bouncing and jolting, then it drops, plummets. People are screaming. Klugman sticks out his hand. We shake. Good luck, he says. I thank him, then close my eyes. Going to be a rough ride down and I want to sleep through it.


The Castle characters could be day residue because I read an article about the cancellation of the show, which I've never watched(Loved Nathan Fillion in "Firefly" though Big Grin ). However, that doesn't account for the presence of the other celebrities.

The plane crashing could also be day residue because I read about the Egyptian plane crash not long before I went to bed. However, I have had other dreams where I meet people who have crossed over and we're in a sort of halfway space, not in this reality but not in the next, either. Sort of a halfway point where we can exist together. That's what being on this plane felt like, a sort of halfway point. Why Jack Klugman was there, I have no idea. And I'm intrigued by the idea that he did a show with Michael Douglas, even though he was dead at the time.

I really don't like watching people die in grisly ways. Nope. Don't like it one bit.
There are many roles that Klugman had but I think of him most with The Odd Couple and Quincey. Quincey being a medical examiner makes me ask, are you suppose to be examining something?
DLP, maybe this plane dream of yours is why I insisted my family-friend fly for mine. LOL~
(05-19-2016, 04:47 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]There are many roles that Klugman had but I think of him most with The Odd Couple and Quincey.  Quincey being a medical examiner makes me ask, are you suppose to be examining something?

I dunno. I knew he was in "Quincy" but I seldom watched that show(I'm not much of a TV watcher, never have been) so that doesn't even come up for me. Even his role in "The Odd Couple" doesn't resonate. It was like he was just Jack Klugman and we both knew he was dead(in this reality, anyway) but it wasn't a big deal to either of us.

And why those celebrities? While I know who most of them are-I may not be a TV watcher but I don't live in a vacuum, thanks to the internet Big Grin -I don't and didn't watch their shows. It's not like the occasional Brad Pitt appearance. I've at least seen some of his movies so it doesn't surprise me if he shows up to have dinner with me in dreamtime.

It's been an intensive week for me, in terms of lessons and healing. I've been put on a fast track to get me up to speed ASAP, apparently. Cool
I have had dreams like this where i was in a bar surrounded by celebrities and they were all concerned about a shooting at Drew Barrymore's house. The dream did not come true, but i believe there may still be a very deep meaning in the symbolism of a large group of celebrities all meeting in one place.

I still have not figured it out, so if you do.... please let me know.
I've got a rare-for-me dream reported here that is fairly-recent and in it I vaguely recall I was in a classroom setting, think it was and I was telling a bunch of hollywood celebs something but they were in denial of it. Now am curious what I was telling 'em so gotta look at that.

Found it. Titled about Hawaii not being able to pay their electric bills.