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Full Version: Funny Video.
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After I read the post here on NDC about Spirit Animals, I went to Facebook to see what was happening there.  Someone posted this video.  My FB friend said:  This woman is my Spirit Animal!  So of course I had to check it out since I have Spirit Animals on my mind.
Ohmigosh, her laughter just made my day! I love hearing complete joy like that!
LOL!!! Thank you for posting this, LOL.
Laughter sure is good meds and she oughta be a member here. Dig her attitude.
OMG I want to give her a giant high five! And then borrow that mask!! The moving mouth is hilarious!

And what amazing synchronicities with Spirit Animals!
That was SOOOO funny. I was laughing right along with her. Thanks for bringing laughter to all of us Julie.
She made the San Antonio paper because she is a Texan, her video went viral and Kohls has rewarded her by thanking her with gifts for her and her kids!
Woo hoo Texans! What a great story! Big Grin