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Full Version: paper-mâché
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05/22/2016 AM
No Intent
Mood: very sad and very afraid
Three part dream

1) I am in a large factory type building. . I am wearing old gray drab colored clothing, like medical scrubs. I have several long tables in front of me. I am applying paper-mâché to forms in front of me. I position them in all different poses. I have made thousands of these figures in all shapes and sizes. There is one just toward the end of the table that is just the size of a 3 day old baby and one over on the other table that is an old hunch backed man. I have worked here for years. I know to keep my mouth shut. I know what I am doing is wrong but I must stay alive however I can. I am so afraid. They bring in another frame. They are laughing and making jokes about how much they need these frames and how they can use them.

2) I am standing up on a second level of the building watching the activity below. The men I see are tall, muscular and hard living men. They have scars all over their bodies. I know that some of the scars are from what they do to the forms that I make. They must take a piece of their bodies to put into the forms to make them reanimate after they are captured and killed. I know that I cannot let them see me cry.

3) I am back at my work space. I am piling on the paper pulp. I know that they take the forms from my area to a section where they were sprayed with some kind of lacquer sealer. I know that these forms are made to put in place to be seen by the general public as a way to control us all. I call these people “forms” because I refused to admit to myself what I am doing. I am covering the face and I make the mistake of looking at the eyes.
The eyes are looking back at me!
I am shocked awake.

The whole dream seemed to be in shades of gray. The men I saw looked almost human but they were taller, muscular and had longer legs. They were using people as slaves. Refusing to cooperate is why you or someone you cared about were made into a form and used as a lesson for others. The forms were still alive and aware for a while but unable to move.
Sorry to see that you had such a sad dream because those can be difficult. I found the paper Mache interesting because in Sept. 2014 I had a dream where I was fighting a woman/demon. When I pulled the head off the woman the inside of it's body was made of paper Mache. That has always made me think of puppets and it was being controlled by someone else.