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Full Version: 5-23-16-Prince and Snakes
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I was going back to sleep this morning and asked for a dream that would be a message for the NDC.
I am not sure what the first part of the dream was other than being shown something, though I don't know what tight now. Next I heard the words "...and then there's princes shield" and saw a large pile of slithering snakes. It was as though someone had dumped a large basket of different types of snakes on the ground, I then woke up.
I don't know if this meant the celebrity Prince or an actual prince so I did not use an apostrophe.
I felt that the shield might be needed for the snakes.
OH wow, gal! I hope you are one of those dreamers that can ask for more on a particular dream and it be granted! Yech if some "prince" is shielded by....snakes.
Used to, some here believed that "snakes" were Isis/Isil. Such a metaphor for evil, no I don't think that is true everytime, if so.

But you got a hunch that the snakes were needing to be shielded? Okay, not so "yech" then! In fact, it's your dream and your hunch so this may be a good-news dream. But, could it then mean that a prince is shielding evil? If so, then we need to read dreambot runs for a prince that's suspect and hopefully about to be revealed.

Oh wait! headline I saw yesterday...."BO" which maybe is "prince" of our "white castle?" He has been outted by someone noteworthy for having assisted Isis/Isil, no shock to we millions of aware folks, but very cool, dang will have to find that report. It may break in bigger news but will of course be slanted to make fun of the "noteworthy" dude that dared to present.
Thanks Nanny!
I often have seen snake mean terrorist in the botruns. I don't know if the prince needs the shield because of the snakes or is shielded by snakes.