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Full Version: Small Group of Survivors, 5.24.16, am
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Last night’s dream seemed to have lasted a long time so I will post only the parts I remember well.

Start of Dream. I am with a group of about 6+ people that I know are survivors.  We are living in a mall of sorts that also has an underground area where there is food and water. We have basic necessities for survival, shelter, food and water.  

We are all outside of the building each working on a project.  I stand up and say, “I wonder what time it is, I’m getting hungry for lunch”. The woman next to me says, “hum, I’m not sure what time it is, but yes, I could eat something right now. I laughed and said, “well I suppose time is irrelevant now, it really doesn’t matter now that we stick to a time schedule”. We both smile and the woman says, “what would you like for lunch?” I say, “depends on what is in the cans we open”. We both laugh again and I say, “oh I suppose soup would be good today”.  I started thinking, we may need a team soon for food preparation and a lunch room if our population grows.

We walk toward a couple of people who are working on a project and tell them we are going in for lunch and ask them to join us. They said, yes, so we all walk toward the building. On the way there I see a man and woman talking. I say, “oh look there is the new arrival talking with ______.  One of the other people says, look’s like they are getting along well. We all smile and walk into the building together.

Then I say, “looks like our little group is growing so I think it’s time for a council meeting”. Everyone agrees and talk about which room to have the meeting in.  I then had the thought that I was the elder of this group and would be expected to lead the council meeting. I started thinking about how to structure the community and what would be best for everyone.  Then I think that I wish there was a man here near my age for someone to lead with.

Next someone is telling me the weather is changing and will get colder tonight. He is in charge of reading the weather signs. I tell him to make sure everyone knows, so we can sleep in an area away from the outside walls. I also tell him that I need socks for tonight before it gets too cold. He said, I will go into one of the stores and get socks for you, would you like to come with me? I tell him, no I don’t like going into the empty stores. He smiles and says, what color socks do you want. I tell him, any color and to just grab the first ones he sees and get out quickly.  He smiled and said, no problem and he went into the JC Penny store to get socks.  He came out a few minutes later with socks and they were men’s heavy wool socks. I said, these are men’s socks. He said, but you told me to get the first ones I saw and these are what I saw. He was so happy with himself that I did not have the heart to say anymore so I told him they would do well and keep my feet very warm tonight. He was a happy camper.  End of Dream

Afterthoughts: I don't know what happened that caused us to live this way. No one talked about what happened. It was over and now we needed to make the best of our time. What I noticed the most was the calmness that everyone had as they go about their day. Everyone had the same goal, to make daily life better for each other. I had the sense that the sadness of what happened was so great that to be able to move on we had to put it away from our daily thoughts.
Julie, before I finish reading your dream, gotta share this for the pittance? it may be worth if anything.
As I read this line, "I am with a group of about 6+ people that I know are survivors." it hit me strongly! that I was about to recall that I dreamed about folks back in Hawaii that I lived near or with. But, nope! Not even a hint of what I dreamed last night is coming back to me. Weird.
Nanny - It must have been a similar dream you had. I've been thinking about this dream and my thoughts are this is a "possible" scenario. Another observation is, this dream is staying with me through the day. The emotion is still with me.
Julie, could've but I have no idea if I did, or not. It was a very strong feeling like if we dream of someone, even a celebrity and then see them be it TV or in person, and BAM! it hits us instantly that we feel more familiar with them, then "oh, I dreamed about them last night" hits us.

But, as usual, I can't get anything of what I dreamed about.
The majority of the dreams I have are forgotten within a couple of days. Sometimes I will go back and see what I dreamed a couple of weeks in the past and am surprised at what I have posted. This one though is one of the few that is staying with me. Today I was thinking about going to a mall this weekend for Memorial Day sales. I thought about this dream and got an uneasy feeling about going to JC Penny or even going into a mall or even being in the parking lot of a mall. Think I'll stick to shopping elsewhere.
Oohh what a trip that you're feeling led to stay-away. Hope and pray the malls are okay this weekend, and yet also thankful that if anything goes-down, you'll be fine.