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Full Version: Strange Circuits and Backwards 'E'
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I had this dream on 05/23/2016. The earliest I can remember in this dream was being in some sort of vehicle with a few other people and I wasn't really thinking much as we were driving along until I felt us go UP and I looked out of the window and saw that we were driving up a mountain at a 90 degree angle. I grabbed onto the seat and held on as if for dear life even though the seat belt had me pretty secure, when we reached the top of the mountain we turned and started driving across air. I looked down and there was nothing below us... just a drop that looked like it could go on for eternity and it was pretty frightening... then suddenly we started falling. As we fell I could see what looked like barely visible circuits all around us. I saw one going up the mountain and looked up to see that it ended just above us and that was what we were driving on before we drove clean off it and started to fall. As we were falling I watched us pass all kinds of circuits and hoped to God we would hit one so we wouldn't all fall to our deaths. We kept just BARELY missing them and I was thinking about just how precise you had to be to drive like this. Just an inch or two off and you are done for. I didn't know who was driving, so I didn't know how much I could trust them to be so precise. I watched a couple more of the circuits pass us as we fell. They were so close I was sure I could have reached through the window and touched them with my hand. Just as I was about to say something to the driver, we stopped and were instantly transported to some other place.

Now we were all standing in front of a huge building. I guess I was in a bit of shock because I just stood there in a daze for a second as the others started to walk towards the building as if nothing weird had just happened. I guess we had hit the right circuit that time and were where we were going? Most of the people I was with I did not know, but I knew one man who was there with them. His name was Michael, and he called out to me and when he did, I sort of snapped out of my daze and the others stopped to wait for me. It felt as if they were all there as body guards for me. And while I thought to myself I SHOULD feel fancy, like a celebrity or something, I had a job of some sort to do, and I was getting a BAD feeling from this building. I felt like it was a government building, but there was something just really weird going on in it.

Anyway, as we walked into the building, my new friends surrounded me and it seemed as if I was invisible. I saw government workers dressed in black monitoring the people coming in and out. At one point they threw down these smoke bomb like things. There were two different kinds. One was blue and one was green. Each would paralyze about half of the people, and while paralyzed, the workers would examine and sometimes even pick and drag off certain people. I got the idea that they were looking for people like me and got a bit worried. I was still with my friends though, so I felt like I would be okay.

I led my friends to the weirdness I felt in the building, and sure enough, the workers tried to paralyze us. They threw down the blue smoke bomb, but I was unaffected, Michael was stunned though. Then they threw down the green bomb and that seemed to work a bit better, but I wasn't paralyzed like everyone else, It had just made it more difficult for me to move. It took all the energy I had, and I was very slow, but I hadn't been stopped. The other friends I was with were not effected by either bomb for some reason. So they managed to keep the workers off of me.

That was when I found the source of the weirdness. There was a man on a platform ranting and raving and he had a crowd of people around listening as he spewed just some of the most insane nonsense I've ever heard. I can't remember what it was he was saying exactly, just that he was nuts and gave me the feeling that he believed himself to be Jesus Christ. He ripped off his shirt and was just getting more and more crazy when the workers gathered around him and started to drag him off, with him STILL kicking and screaming weird things. For a moment I was relieved because I thought the workers had done my job for me, but as they were dragging this guy off, our eyes met. His face contorted and I could feel he had SO much hatred towards me, but I didn't know why. I'd never met him, let alone ever bothered him. And when he saw me he just lost it and broke free of all of the workers and pulled out a machete and came after me. I was still slowed and could not run very fast and for some reason, my friends were not able to stop him as he charged after me. He made a swipe at me with that machete and took off a chunk of my left shoulder. After he got me, the workers ganged up on him and started to drag him off again, with him promising to come back and kill me. When he got me, my clothes just sort of vanished and I was just standing there, sticking out in the crowd, naked. The mans eyes got wide and his jaw dropped as the blood from my shoulder started dripping down to my feet. When I looked at my feet, there was a strange language written/tattooed on them. At first it was just a long sentence across the two feet, but then this one character that looked like a backwards 'E' with a long tail started to get bigger and bigger and the other characters shrunk and moved to the right side of it on my right foot going up my leg. It almost looked like some sort of equation to me. This enraged the man even more for some reason, and as the workers dragged him off, the people of the building started to surround me to check out this weird thing going on with my feet. The workers of the building tried to stop this by throwing down the smoke bombs, but I saw more and more people working through it. They looked like they were all walking through molasses, but they were still working through it. And this was good, I thought. I had hoped that we would all get stronger by doing this until those dumb bombs didn't work anymore.
I looked up the backwards 'E'. In mathematics it means, "there exists...". The backwards 'E' with an exclamation point after it (perhaps this is the tail?), means, "there exists one and only one", which may denote your uniqueness (check Wikipedia), which is the feeling I get from the message on your feet.
Thank you, Maat!