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Full Version: Married to Will Ferrell
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I had this dream 05/24/2016. I dreamt I was married to Will Ferrell. In the beginning of the dream, he had just sort of popped up out of nowhere and I KNEW we were married but it was like I hadn't seen him in so long that I wasn't sure how I felt about him. He had this big moving truck that he was driving, and when he saw me he gave me a big hug and a half-hearted smile. He clearly wasn't happy in our marriage (Or in anything it seemed... he looked all around miserable) , and honestly, I didn't feel a sort of deep connection to him either. It felt like we were together as a sort of obligation rather than having ever been really in love with one another. Anyway, when he came, he brought these weird fish bowls. He said that everyone was given one to suit their personality. There were a few different kinds. There were spiky and smooth fish bowls, and they came with regular flowing Japanese Fighting Fish, and then these weird, rare spiky fighting fish. Well, MOST people got a regular smooth fish with a smooth bowl, or a rare spiky fish and spiky bowl... but I was sent the combo with a smooth bowl and a shy spiky fish. He had gotten the bowls for my kids as well. Each a smooth bowl with regular fighting fish. I was sort of in awe looking at my bowl and fish. The smooth bowl made it easy to see the fish inside, and even though the fish inside looked somewhat ferocious, it hid in a little ornament or behind the plastic plants most of the time, not letting me get much of a good look at it. This made me a bit sad, and I sat it on a shelf thinking that maybe eventually it would become more trusting and let me see more of it. I had seen enough of it to know it was very beautiful and colorful.

Anyway, Will kept asking me to find things to send to his kids. It seemed like he had three. I was to somehow magically find out what these kids needed or wanted and send them the perfect gift, and I guess I felt a bit resentful of this in my dream because it felt like while I had been married to Will, I hadn't seen him in years and he had done little to nothing for 'my' children. He didn't bring them back anything. He wasn't concerned about their health or well being or wanted to even spend time with him. In fact, it seemed as if he was ready to leave again having JUST arrived. But he was adamant that I PROMISE to give his three children gifts. Well, him being a rich celebrity, I thought for sure he would have something I could send them in the back of this massive moving truck of his. I opened the back of it to find a bunch of weird, dusty stuff. Old jars and books. One book struck me. It came across as a cookbook and was called "Strange and Incredible Things" and on the front of this book was a naked mummy in fetal position. I wasn't sure if I was intrigued or grossed out. I wanted to flip through it, but Will came out of nowhere and startled me and I slammed the book back on the shelf built into the back of his truck. He told me that I could look through that book AFTER I had done what he asked, and I argued that I knew that wasn't so, because as soon as I had done what he asked, he would leave. He nodded and told me I was very smart, but that he was going to leave one way or another and that I was wasting time. Still feeling a bit resentful, I asked why I should do anything for "his" kids when he wasn't concerned with mine. He was rich and rolling in money. Why hadn't he brought them even just the tiniest thing from one of the cool places he's been to. He told me he wasn't as "rich" as I thought him to be. And apologized for having been lost. That was why his truck was full of dusty, seemingly useless stuff. (It made sense in the dream)

After him begging and pleading I begrudgingly promised AGAIN to send his kids gifts. The BEST gifts I could think to send them and so he left. Taking his huge truck. I KNEW I wouldn't get to see what was in that weird book... and also I guess I felt a bit disappointed that he was not funny ONE time in that dream. He was nothing but melancholy and serious.
Your celebrity dream! Big Grin