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Full Version: A Dream of Falling Trees
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Before I discuss my dream from this morning, I must mention that I have had three dreams in which something in them had occurred in the future. 

The first thing that came true was a dream in which I was in a bathroom full of feces and these ladies were cleaning it up. As I was washing my hands, I remarked that I could get hepatitis. In real life, a few weeks later, I found cat poop in the closet in my bathroom. After cleaning it up, I washed my hands and remarked that I might get the parasite that mice get from cat poop (toxoplasmosis.)

In the next dream, I was in a car and a friend of mine called me at an inconvenient time and the same thing happened to me later on in real life.

In the third dream, I was riding in a taxi and that same friend called me up and asked, "What is the meaning of the re-occurring tree branches." When I said "What?" He hung up on me. In the dream, I was siting up in my bed. In real life, I had sighted some reoccurring symbolism involving Alicia and Alecia both singing about fire, and a woman who's name has the same value in Pythagorean gematria as mine getting the nickname "The Girl on Fire." (my name is "Alysha," Alysha=Katniss=Alice=21.) In real life, he called me up and asked me about it, and when I said "what?" He hung up... just like the dream. In real life, the phone was laying on the bed set on speaker.

This morning, an alarm on my phone woke me up unnecessarily (because my last day of school was yesterday and I forgot to turn it off) at 6:00 A.M. EDT. I went back to sleep and had a dream in which it had just rained, (for the tree trunks were dark with saturation) and I was letting my dog out. I had a large mahogany window which the dachshund could easily jump in and out of. As I was looking out it, and talking to her, multiple trees began to snap at their trunks and fall over. I had a large yard with numerous trees and so a few of mine had fallen. I sent the dog out into the yard to investigate, and she sniffed one of the snapped trees and returned with cobwebs on her face. I recognized the death of these trees as an apocalyptic event and became excited. I also heard my mother or father and a next door neighbor (on the left) were discussing the fact that this was the apocalypse and were well aware of it. In the dream, we had a short wooden fence with the same color as my window (we have a chain link fence in reality). I ran out into the front breezeway and asked my mother, who was standing there rather excited "is this just happening here?" She told me that it was national news. Later, I saw a pile up of black cars in the road that I live on and telling my mother to be careful because she was retrieving something from the neighbor on the right's driveway. Then, a police car flipped upside down in the pile-up. The next thing that happened was a young man with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes wearing a red jogging shirt and khaki, knee-length shorts running into my house and stealing a bunch of random trinkets and a box of cheerios. I told him that, in the last days, men will covet their neighbor's goods (as in compulsively steal bizarre things); but he ran across the street and was run over when he stopped to flip me off. I even remember trying to warn him that he would likely die before he could be saved. I walked inside and remembered this event as an event in "Left Behind," even though it was not. The last thing that happened was me looking out my back window--the one by my bed, as opposed to the one the dog was going in and out of-- and seeing giant lady bugs feeding on the fallen trees before my father woke me at about 6:46 AM.

Maybe it just means that I am going to be taking macro pictures of ladybugs after the rain... I would definitely plan on taking pictures of them once the ladybugs come out...
Well, it was either today, yesterday, or the day before that I saw my cat standing on my bed with a cobweb in her face...
Do you have any clues about what "cobwebs" dreamed, means?? I dream them a lot now that am dreaming spiders a lot less. A year ago, it was slammed with spiders but not slammed every time. I mean that season.
(06-01-2016, 01:58 PM)Nanny Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have any clues about what "cobwebs" dreamed, means?? I dream them a lot now that am dreaming spiders a lot less. A year ago, it was slammed with spiders but not slammed every time. I mean that season.

I did not dream of my cat with the cobwebs in her face, but my dog. It was in real life, sometime after  the falling tree dream that my cat had a cobweb stuck to her face. She had probably stuck her face in something...