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Full Version: Along the Rio Grande Gorge
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27 May 2016
No intention set

I'm on foot, walking along what I recognize is the Rio Grande Gorge, outside of Taos, NM. I'm on a run, heading for a particular place outside of Taos, in the desert. I'm hiking along the road, near the bridge over the river. My younger son is with me. He asks me if I know where I'm going. I tell him I do. He asks what I'm going to be doing. I tell him what I need to do. He tells me that's not an answer. I smile sort of grimly and say but that's how it is sometimes and welcome to my world. He asks if I always hike to where I need to be. I point out that this is why I have camping gear and backpacks now. He shakes his head and observes he had no idea how things were for me. This time I laugh and say most of the time I don't know how things are for me, either. I also tell him at least we won't have to sleep on the ground tonight, that there are some people I know in the area and I'm going to hit them up for bunking on their floor. Living large, Mom, he says.


I seldom have such clear knowledge of where I am in dreamtime but it was very clear that I was hiking along the Rio Grande Gorge outside of Taos, NM. I've been in that area multiple times and am well familiar with that particular area. For those not familiar with the area, here's some info with photos:

To my knowledge, I don't know anyone there. The people I did know moved from the area years ago.

I seldom dream of my younger son as an adult and this was the first dream in which he was accompanying me on a run. In real time, the odds of him hiking along a road with me would be slim to none. It's so not his thing. Big Grin But it's what stood out most to me, that he was with me for some reason.
I was struck by him saying he had no idea how things were for you. Any meaning there?
He's had some problems with reconciling his world view-he's very left-brained(he has a degree in Physics)-with some of the stuff that's happened since I've started on this path. Woo does not exist...yet it does. I told him it's all quantum, which he decided was the way to go because, as he put it, no one understands quantum. Big Grin

He has a role to play in whatever's coming. I don't know what it is-that knowledge has been kept from me-but I suspect the time will be here sooner than I expect. And when it does come, I'll be the one he calls for help because I'm the only one he knows who has her own zip code in the land of woo. Wink
Woo and science are a lot more entangled than any of us expect. (At least to the ones who don't have a zip code or at least receive their mail in the land of woo Big Grin)