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Full Version: 5/28/2016 7:33am Eviction
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Let me start by saying this was one of those dreams that felt so real that i could not tell i was dreaming! The kind of real feeling that leaves you dwelling on it all day long, and possibly thinking it into reality!

I had already filed 6 complaints, and now i was taking my complaints to the court room with a legal battle. (this next part is accurate in my waking life) My up stairs neighbor has a BMW with a car alarm that is set to hyper sensitive. Every time another car drives by his car, the alarm goes off... which means it keeps going off all night long! Every Frigging night!

In the dream i was trying to figure out if i wanted to put a bomb under his car and blow it up to stop the alarm, or if i wanted to spray paint the side of the car so all the neighbors would know who to file their complaints against!

As I was figuring out what I was going to do next, there was a knock at the door and our new apartment manager gave a piece of paper to my daughter who answered the door. She explained that she did not have any part of the decision process on who was being evicted and who wasn't but it was based upon some check list that the board members of corporate had. The one thing we did not qualify for was "Re-certification" due to lack of income.

I should mention here, that we live in a Rent Control area, due to the high cost of living in the Silicon Valley. So an Eviction like this is deemed illegal!

I woke up so pissed off, I was ready to start calling everyone i knew with the city housing departments (since I worked in the accounting department for the housing authority i knew everybody!) and I was ready for another fight!

NOTE: I am not sure if my spirit is telling me i am up for some battles, or if i should plan for an unjust eviction, but what ever the case... message received and it is time to make sure all of my ducks are in a row so that I am ready for anything.
Or an unexpected and unplanned move you don't want to make.
Yea you can say that again! My business is just getting settled... who wants to commute from over 3 hours away everyday just to keep my business going? I will be too tired to run my business if i have to drive 6 hours a day!
Another thought: You're being messed with. With your mind occupied with this, and all the other stuff going on in your life, you're too busy and preoccupied to "See" clearly. You won't be paying attention to something being slipped by you.

You're already aware of remote influencing. What if this dream is part of that?
Oh wow... DLP...

Thank you!

Much food for thought!
I just found out this morning that our upstairs neighbors moved out yesterday because they were given an eviction notice on May 28th for violating the lease terms (having dogs) so they moved to keep their dogs.
I got my eviction notice yesterday... Joy!

Turns out our apartment complex is going to be selling our units as condos as soon as they are remodeled.
Do you have a plan? Do you have a place to go?
I am a very resourceful woman.... Procuring an RV right now, as we type. Luckily I also still have my office, i got outside of my house back in March... So my business will not suffer. I have a gym membership which has showers... I will be fine until i can procure land. I admit i will not be on nearly as much.
NO Freaking way!
How long have they given you? Often there are at least a few months with this type of eviction.
What did you mean when you said "I got outside of my house" mean?

I own my own business, and i used to use my living room as my office. In March of 2016 I went and rented an actual office space.
Oh wow. I'm gobsmacked.

Well, seems like you're not being messed with in dreamtime, anyway. You got a head's up, even if it didn't seem likely at the time.

Again, wow.
60 days. wow. Please research what laws apply to your situation (which I am sure you will be doing). They might need to pay your moving costs or offer you the condo to buy for a VERY low price being rent controlled.
I wish the best for you.
Windy, upon reading your original post, my first thought was 'an intentional heads-up that a sudden forced move is being arranged'. Then, you replied that you are preparing purchase of an RV (i've considered that many times, and personally love the 'mobility idea' anyhow).

I personally have a strong feeling that while this may feel 'bad' or 'unfortunate', that it may in fact be 'higher-level-intentional' and a way to give you 'mobile residence'...

Sorry, I just keep getting stronger-and-stronger feelings of 'national' or 'world' cataclysm that won't go away, and that many who do survive it will be wishing they had such a dwelling, after it's done. Maybe you are being 'arranged for' instead of being 'inconvenienced'?

Great points to seek deeper answers in meditation on.
I have been sick all week, and it seems like it is only getting worse. Taking a break for a little while to get better....

Just so Ya'll know i am not ignoring you.
Get better Windy!