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Full Version: President Obama Buys Property from Oprah
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I worked in an office and was out at lunch. A male, dressed in business attire, approached me; we knew each other well and I believe he was President Obama's Chief of Staff. He told me that the President wanted me to undertake a task for him. Since I knew (or worked for?) Oprah, he wanted me to initiate a conversation with her about a property she had for sale. He did not want her to know he was interested in the property, but he wanted me to find out more and determine how firm the price was. I agreed to this, and left to return to work. I removed my long dress coat, camel colored cashmere, and returned to my office. Somewhere along the way I saw President Obama, he waved to me, with a big smile, and winked.

Before I had an opportunity to talk to Oprah, I was sidetracked by an incident. I was once again outside. I observed a female, perhaps a co-worker, out on the sidewalk. Many people, again dressed in business attire, walking by. A male drove up in a car; I was under the impression he was recently released from jail and was the female's husband. He started yelling at her and got out of the car and began to approach her, verbally threatening her, saying he'd kick her with his steel toed boots. All of the people around were just bystanders, but had stopped to watch. As he got closer, I kind of internally sighed, then walked up in front of the female, blocking his path, and told him he'd have to kick me first, and if he did, I would have him arrested and thrown in jail. Then other people around me surrounded her as well to enforce the idea. He then said he wouldn't help support the kids then. Someone in the crowd said well then he'd donate some money to help her. Then I said that as well as did others. The male then backed down, became apologetic. Someone had called the police and we heard sirens. The incident seemed over, so I once again returned to my office.

I stopped in to talk to Oprah. The property in question had a price of $350 million (or perhaps $35 million, but $350 is what I recall). I had rehearsed in my mind what to say to her, and I had decided I'd talk as though the potential buyer was female. I don't recall any other details.
Thanks Iris! I can visualize your dream well. I am glad people stood up for the lady.