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Full Version: Nightmare: Run Over by a Bus
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This was a dream I had today about a friend of mine who died two years ago. At the time my friend was in the middle of divorcing his wife and I was told he committed suicide. I don't know how his former wife is doing health-wise, we don't talk in real life. My friend was never in a job position where he'd have assistants.

In my dream my spouse and I drive to my friend's house which is in the city he grew up in. It's a very long drive from where we are (it would take about 16 hours if we drove straight). The weather is good and the roads are good. At one point I am desperate to go to the washroom. When we finally get to a highway rest stop I run in and there's someone in the one toilet and I accidently wind up making a puddle on the floor. When the woman leaves the washroom I run and go more than I could possibly in real life - like 3 times a much. When I leave I apologize to woman who I think works there, she tells me not to worry it happens often enough here.

When we arrive at my friend's place the day is sunny and it is summery. He gives me a hug and we all go to his house where he's telling us about work that he's doing. His wife is there - she looks the same except she's stopped dying her hair it so it is grey. There are three young adults there but I don't know who they are. After a while chatting my friend leaves the room and his wife is telling me about her treatments for breast cancer and she's confident she will get better. She shows me this appliance she uses to brush her teeth - it's like a mouth guard with a built in electric toothbrush and she asks me to help her do her teeth so I do.

After that my friend says he has to go. One of the young adults is with him and she's telling him about a flight he's to go on. He goes out the front door and we're at the doorway watching with the woman. He is walking keying stuff into a phone looking down and a bus goes by so he stops. He calls out to the woman how much is the plane ticket and she says "$5,000". He turns around and not looking up yells, "Five thousand dollars!"

What he doesn't see is another bus that was turning behind the first bus. He steps back and gets run over by the rear wheel of the bus. The woman screams, "He's dead!". I look and the bus has moved off him and he is literally flattened, a huge tire track across the middle, his face looking up at the sky gushing blood and then he turns his head towards us and dies.

I wake up.

I have absolutely no idea what this dream means - the last dream I had of him he was telling me he was sorry and that he always loved me. He seemed fine in that one.
Dreamcat, I am sorry. This must have been a very unsettling dream.
I was looking into the symbolism here and the number 5 relates to communication between heaven and Earth; peeing is expressing emotions; teeth brushing is respressed communication (guarded); grey hair is wisdom, cancer is something eating away inside. My spouse said that it seems like my friend is trying to tell me that he felt like he was thrown under the bus, not trying to be gruesome. I was hoping this isn't him trying to get me to talk to his wife (I won't, his dying was a direct result of the breakup and him being in poor health) - perhaps it is him telling me that his (ex) wife is holding back something and it is eating at her. Hopefully the next time my friend has a message to tell me it won't be quite this dramatic!