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Full Version: Do you know who?
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Okay, quiz time everyone! Who do you think designed and created the main logo at the top of the page? The answer will be revealed this weekend! Smile
LOL Eagle1 you are awesome. Was just wondering if it was/is my guess, so glad I got mine in before it is over. .
I noticed the new logo and wondered how long it had been there. I have moments when I'm not the most observant person on the planet and thought this might have been one of those moments. Big Grin
Can't believe I have no votes. People underestimate my skillz. hahaha! :-)
Not necessarily, Eagle1! In my case, my mind told my curiosity that Goldengirl made it since she made the banner to the right of it, if my memory doesn't fail me terribly. I remembered your video back a couple of years ago, almost, where you had spoken of much computer work on the site.
In fact, hit me last night that sometimes my intellect has thrown my hunches off.

Still, I don't know for sure on this one. GG is an artist, yes? LOL this is fun. We can "guess/know" much bigger things but this?!
Eagle1 you have skills... no one is doubting your skills, but each artists has a style and that is just not your style. Wink
Ahhh, you are right Windy! An artist's style is their signature. Rembrandt is very different from Renoir. But I bet he had input. A lot of input. Just guessing.
cathching the new logo out of the corner of my eye I thought it was a teapot! Lol had to do a double take.
And the big reveal is ....... I give all credit to our fearless leader!!! Regardless of who held the virtual "paintbrush". *ahem*
Goldengirl, the thing is genius. This is the National Dream center and that partial-dome/cap? covers the area that really is The Dream Center, personally speaking.
Sorry folks-
I am packing/taping up boxes, tubs, and cleaning all at the same time for my move.
In between I pop in here.
Didn't notice until I read this and DLP I had the same reaction.
who is the artist?
The mysterious logo maker is.......
Why did this fine artist need to be rear ended by some moron? Why was this even considered by the universe as an option for her? Anyway, the mysterious logo maker is....

You guessed it....Goldengirl!

May healing energy come towards you in tidal waves!! Pronto!
In all seriousness, (which doesn't happen too often, take it while it's here folks), the whole design experience was wonderful. Great input and design thoughts by the boss, and he has been officially declared my favorite "client" ever. Big Grin