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I am starting this topic jumping between posts and pages-
I'll reference the runs. and BTW thank YOU Shadewolf for the shortcut to the runs, its makes
a huge difference saving time. Heart

1. I posted a question why we weren't seeing WATER meme in the runs to predict the huge devestation in Europe and Texas from the rain, floods, weather.
Lets look at some recent headlines that should have given a heads up like the days of Project August (back when)

2. So I ran it through Shade's excel sheet and VIOLA ! It showed up around the time it should (late april) yet it isn't a strong predictive bot-wise. Easy to miss yet in hindsight it is there. This is a learning curve folks.
Bear with me as I spell it out and correct me if I am wrong or missed something.
p.s. I find it curious that the meme was juxtaposed with royalty/taylor during the time period and we were off on a tangent to look for headlines on royalty, queen's birthday and such and I begin to wonder if it was someone/something (A.I/ET?) in the 'background' to the throne that was jesting about a distraction for the summer months and maybe some financial misgivings/meetings etc with the ECB, Brexit, and such....ehem. thinking out loud here.

3. Weather wars or planetary chaos cosmically energized and affected? Are the dreams talking to us?

destruction queen throne argument wolf battle clouds destroy literally backyard stopping love taylor hug float spell cool closing

4-19 (this gave us a timeline clue- Came True celebrity dream)
invasion celebrity thanks  emergency note request starting calm demon gravity remove fish record jester caused planet

jester washing court halloween finding period staircase railing apart awhile shown tornado gate ripped remove structure other gosh

triple violent  perimeter water  view  follow chill sleeping support river neighborhood

dawn drill correctly charlie apocalypse sky cause spent dive hours third realized computer hate polar sending horror

Another run with royalty and taylor after a run with warning of apocalyptic sky

emotional arms death nature  grasp poor swim worry  structure war stuff clearly ice  accident things
Excellent timing AD. I also posted this a little while ago.
WOOHOO chickie and I just left you *proof* from an old .gov website of testimony by former Sec. of Defense William Cohen where he **confirmed** that other nations causing weather modification, earthquakes and even volcanoes, OR trying to do so is very real. It's under a post you did earlier, here.
time for some P2 action here folks. that is my specialty.
coming right up before more unnecessary destruction.
Thought, meditation, prayers, intentions are in order here. I welcome some company
You are not alone. I'll commit to join ya. The subjects of this thread affect or potentially affect each and every one of us. Weather wars? I'm convinced such a thing exists even if still a science in its infancy.
(06-02-2016, 02:58 PM)Nanny Wrote: [ -> ]You are not alone. I'll commit to join ya. The subjects of this thread affect or potentially affect each and every one of us. Weather wars? I'm convinced such a thing exists even if still a science in its infancy.

Nanny, you rock chick.
Does anyone remember the scene in the animation "The Last Airbender"?
It is a scene where the little airbender was tested. There was a wall of water (tsunami) coming at him
and he went into his Source, held up his arm, and with sheer Willpower and mind skill
stopped the wall from crashing down.
that is an image I can use for such as this.
I get real quiet
go into my sacred space
and when I 'feel' the tingle of connection to Self/God/Source
I place the image then and there.
this one happens to be appropriate for the situation.
AD, sistah-chick! This is the clearest pic I've ever gotten of how you do your intentions, THANK YOU!! Cool

I'll be doing my thing, asking God in detail and trusting it done in Jesus' name.
The cool thing is that He, I am convinced, holds His nose to even hang with me, and answers more often than I will ever deserve.

We, NDE rock for the variety and dedication of our efforts.

Big blessings on you Heart
LOL at my last post! I did typo or more likely a brain fart/freudian slip? when I typed "NDE" for NDC." I better check myself in case I'm checking out sooner than I thought. Big Grin
And the rain keeps coming

working harder at P2 now.
This one is quite a surprise, of a tragedy. Military is well-trained and those of us living in Texas have no excuses for taking chances in water. We're told repeatedly in all modes of communication details of how much power and poundage even 12 inches of stream can move/control, etc.
headline in Druge Report calls it 'biblical rains".
where is Noah's ark when needed?
more evacuations- mandatory- sad really sad
Dreamercat just posted a question about the synchronicity of the whacky weather and the
Canadian fires. hmmmm
well this in from Suspicious Observers Weather-
looks like the whacky weather pattern isn't letting up and one cannot blame the SUN as its gone quiet. Now australia
has the flooding. Certainly feels biblical.
Yes it does feel "biblical" and our bible did something that left a gigantic question-mark in our minds. In Revelations it talk of "horrors" at same time with famines, pestilences, wars and even that our seasons would become confused.
Then, in context of .gov website proof that a Sec. of Defense, a couple decades ago confirmed that other nations were working to engineer quakes, volcanoes and hunch is bingo, we're there, it's showtime.