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Full Version: Vision of British Government Officials, 6/3/16, approx 3:00pm
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Trying to finish up here at work on a Friday afternoon. Very busy and need to concentrate.

I suddenly get a very vivid vision of the British Government. Something is happening that will effect their entire country. The feeling is so strong that I feel like my Spirit wants to go on walk-about to the UK. It feels like I want to hyperventilate at the same time. So I do a quick prayer, center my chakras, breath in Holy Spirit Air and write it down here on NDC. Writing it down is helping to keep me at my desk.  Big Grin

This ties in to the other vision I had this week.
Well, there is a big national issue taking place in Britain right now, Brexit debates. They decide this month on whether to leave the EU or not. It is a huge nation debate. This might be what you are seeing.
Julie, right now it feels like the Queen may pass or leave office for some reason. Peeking your picture of the buck so regal looking, just moments ago it felt like it represented a male taking over her throne. She looks in her 20s, in white and smiling which feels like she's in eternity, watching the buck in the lead now. Naturally Harry would smile at the site of his dad? being crowned, it would be bitter-sweet because the queen would have lived a wonderful, long and fulfilled life.

It feels like this thinking of her in white and her twenties because so many NDE's have folks return and report that in Heaven we are around that age, looking the best we ever did in life. Colton also reported the same in his Book
"Heaven's For Real."

This all just hit me as I read this new thread of yours. Not when I read that other thread with the pic of the buck.