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Full Version: Bird Dream, 6/4/16, approx 10:00 pm
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I was feeling sleepy early this evening and could not stay awake so I went to bed. I fell asleep thinking about how comfortable my bed is and thankful that I have one. The only intention I stated was to dream about why the name of Pharaoh Akhenaten came to me earlier today. I immediately went into a dream.

Start of Dream. It is night time and I am riding in the back seat of a car with man and a woman. We are in a heavily wooded neighborhood in the driveway of their house. As the car gets closer to the trees the woman in the front seat says, oh look there is an Owl in the tree. I look to the right and try to see where the bird is. I had the feeling like it was waiting for us. I said, oh good, I love Owls, they are so beautiful. I also said, I hope there are no pet cats outside because that Owl will eat them.

The man and woman get out of the car and walk ahead of me into the house. I get out of the car and look at the tree trying to see the Owl. Then I hear it moving and fly toward me. I look overhead and see the shadow of the bird and it is not an owl. It is a bird, but I just don’t know what kind. The bird is directly above me and it drops two items into my hands. I hold the items to my chest to keep from dropping them and to acknowledge receiving them. When I look down at my hands I am holding feathers in my left hand that had been tied together like you would tie a bunch of flowers. The feathers are white with either brown or black on them. In the right hand is a large bird foot. The flesh is a greyish white color and the claws are black and they are long like for a big bird of prey.  

I am thinking Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh what does this all mean? I am filled with peace and joy even though I don’t understand what is happening. A thought comes to me, these two items are a part of my future. My mind is racing, who do I call, who will know about this? End of Dream
Wow! I bet someone here will know about this.
What a dream1 Big Grin
I immediately thought of eagle feathers and went hunting for some images of eagle feathers and feet. Came across this PDF of identifying eagle feathers and feet:

Bald eagle, perhaps?
TB - I have such a good feeling about this dream. It was so nice to dream something positive because I was having a "oh woe is me" type of day.

DLP - I thought it was an Eagle foot too. The feathers looked like Owl. I was unable to open your link so I went to google images and found similar pictures to what I saw and posted them.
Julie, all this is native peoples imagery...

A tied or bound group of feathers means 'a group', 'a war party', or 'a tribe'. To be in your left hand would mean to be offensive or confrontational.

A raptor's foot in the other hand indicates warrior, leader or elder. To be in the right hand would indicate justice, rule, rightful leader or dominant warrior (recognized).

The owl is a symbol of either wisdom or occult knowledge (depends on the reference point that gave you this imagery). That you didn't personally see an owl may mean that by the wisdom of others, you are given wisdom or that by them calling it an owl, you are being told that wisdom has delivered you 'tribe' and 'leadership'.

If this is part of 'your future', then it may mean that you are predestined to be given leadership over a group or tribe, or other cumulation of people(s).

Hope this helps in some way...

Also, due to the hands in which you are given the bound feathers and raptor feet, this dream may indicate that you are given a group to lead during a confrontational time...(simple condensed version of what you saw, possibly)
Thank you Skeetersaurus! They way you explained it makes sense to me now. I had a dream a while back that this may tie in with.
My guess you were a past wife of king rammesses. The white feather represents osiris which is orion and the claw represents seti. Twin brothers. Past life dream. Rammesses is gods second son who is pure orion who is also anubis.
Thank you for your thoughts Big Dog. I certainly do have thoughts and visions of Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. While I do not believe in past lives, I do believe we carry the memories of our ancestors in our genes. So there may be some connection there.

There is a series of fiction novels called "Lords of the Two Lands Trilogy" written by Pauline Gedge. They are very well written historical fiction about Pharaohs. While reading these books, if I believed in reincarnation, I would have been certain that Pauline Gedge had lived during that time. Now just talking about them makes me want to read them again. Smile
Were at the end and beginning of a cycle. Children of the gods. You should read the emerald tablets. Good thing about all this is communication is key.
Big Dog, it has always been my understanding that the Emerald Tablets of Thoth were from a 'previous age of man' (before the Enochian age we are in now).

If ages are 'self-contained', we should possibly be careful of carrying markers from one age to another, for the symbolism may have changed.

Just my thoughts...
Thanks Big Dog for reminding me about the Emerald Tablet. I've not thought of it in years so I may just look into it again. Yes, communication is the key during this time of change.

Skeeter - When you have time, please elaborate on the meaning of "Marker".

Thinking about Egypt reminded me about an incident that happened in the 70's. My car was a hatchback with a wide back window. One morning I saw a Egyptian hieroglyphic drawn in the dew of the back window of my car. There was a heavy layer of dew on the car, yet where the Eye of Horus was drawn it was dry. My first thought was, "I can't let anyone see this" so immediately dried the window. For a few years after that time, I became very interested in Egyptian everything. So I have always thought of that symbol as a trigger of some sort. I've not thought about this in 25+ years.
Read the keys of enoch
Yes, The Keys of Enoch book is on my "next read" list.
Julie, think of a 'marker' as an 'era-specific' icon. Let's say you are standing in India a thousand years ago. If you saw a swastika, you would instantly think 'love', 'peace', 'acceptance'. Now, picture the same swastika in 1945 Poland.

The 'marker' has shifted complete intention as a result of 're-purposing'. In this specific example, it has been completely 180-turned around.

The 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth' (aka the Green or Emerald Tablets), are professed to be 10,000-12,000 years old at minimum. Then again, they have absolutely NO providence that they really are that old (which is strange, as most 'monolithic artifacts' have cross-references in newer writings). This is why the 'Emerald Tablets' are NOT routinely spoken about in archaeological circles, because just like the Crystal Skulls, there is strong belief they may be fakes, there is no cross-reference back to them in later works (especially in the accepted Greek and Roman works), and in fact, data they contain is refuted by Plato and Socrates (Socrates challenges Plato in Republic 'where is the proof that this Atlantis you speak of exists, for I have not heard of it', while the Emerald Tablets speak of Atlantis technology, reportedly).

Thus, you get into the area of 'faith' that they are legitimately that old, without substantiation from a second source. Since the Emerald Tablets are more resounding of the Enki legends (that gods walk among us, not necessarily that all of us are gods), they appear to be from a prior age that may, in fact, be an 'old story' no longer applicable.

We must be careful not to take at face value an ancient or unsubstantiated work at total 'face value'. For proof of this, I challenge anyone to find two specific words that are NOT in the King James Version of the Bible. If you think the word 'DEMON' or 'NEPHILIM' is there, you are blatantly wrong. They are not.

Demon was a Greek word, Daemon, which meant 'exceptionally enlightened one' over 2500 years ago. The Constantine-based church used this to distinguish 'bad spirits' from 'good spirits' when talking about all the massively ranging spirits they created in church lore. They had to prevent 'confusing the simple people' of the day. The word Nephilim dates to about 800-A.D. when used to describe one of the three root structures of the tree Yggdrasil. There were three roots that spanned into the regions below 'heaven', one of which was to 'earth' or land. Thus, Nephilim was the land of 'great men upon earth' (gotta think Viking to understand this - accountants were cowards unworthy of heaven, while warlords and barbarian berzerkers were worthy). Thus, great and powerful men, kings and warriors, were therefore 'Nephilim'. The word is 'giant' or 'men of old, men of renown' in the Bible.
In later translations, the word 'Nephilim' was substituted, not realizing it to be the Norse word that it is...and yet, the Western World actually believes both Demons and Nephilim are 'mentioned in the Bible.

Careful of being misled. I always recommend, 'if its something new, read it for yourself - but make sure that you understand it's pedigree and provenance before you do.

Hope this helps.
Yes, it did help Skeeter. I always check my Spirit when reading something that is supposed to be factual.
Might as well add the 42 commandments of egypt as well. These are written in stone in the pyramids. Align the mind body and soul. The second one is interesting which makes rape a sin.
Thanks BD. I've never heard of the 42 Commandments of Egypt.