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Full Version: Another Hollywood actor
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I'm standing talking to Ryan Reynolds. I have a vague memory of trying to convince him that world events were getting serious, and he was a person who could influence others. The part I remember clearly is seeing him turn in slo-mo to the side, and seeing how long his eyelashes were. It seemed symbolic of innocence, like the lashes of a child.


THOUGHTS: for me this seems like day residue, but since I'm always preaching to post (stop smiling Nanny!), I figured I should. (This was a dream from yesterday morning).
LOL no, I can't. Another reason is that you've been mostly-absent for a few days and I'm smiling because you are posting, not just this dream.

Day residue perhaps but we don't want to let the possibility of day residue prevent us from reporting an increasing number of dreams.
That it was about an actor is good enough reason that you did. We've got an increasing number of dreams about them.

Did this actor deny things were getting bad? or do you have a vibe that he was in denial and that's why you were having to tell him??

It matters to me personally because of this short dream,

I'm not sure why Ryan Reynolds. In the dream he just seemed trustworthy. Maybe with a better head on his shoulders than the rest. He does have that boy next door look going for him. All American.
I'll show my age by sharing that I had never heard, or notice his name until you said it. Nice to look at? Big Grin I'll go find a pic of him.
OMG Nanny! I'm old too, but not dead yet. Big Grin
LOL amen! Chick, I thought I was making the point that since this actor is not from my generation, that showed my age per my not even knowing the name.
Too old to appreciate eye candy? Oh no.........
I like to stay updated on my eye candy. And that commercial is hysterical.

Do you see what I mean by All American Boy?!! Uh-huh.......  Wink
Yeah! Is it All American Boy, or "All Boy American?"

He works out. Tongue
I'm not old nor do I plan to ever be old("Are you never going to grow up? said an exasperated offspring when he thought I was being inappropriate by bouncing up and down off a curb as I walked along a sidewalk. Nope, I replied. Big Grin ).

I will, however, allow people to think I'm old. Call it a strategic move, should a situation arise. Cool
Gals, that's it! DLP glad you've still got that playfulness. I've been slowly getting it back in the past few years. Sadly, I had to consciously desire my inner-child again. Happily, she awoke and I'm having fun. Playing with bubbles was always fun. I get it, now.

Those senior discounts are really nice. Yep, you've got the right idea.
Ahh, sister souls I see! My friend at work doesn't like to talk to strangers ~ so I have developed a liking to doing just that when we're out and about. Infecting them with my enthusiasm. Very childlike. Oops. So now my friend has taken to goading me into doing things that he won't - because he knows I will.

It's funny, kids can sense that in me. I'm the crazy old person who just might do something very interesting. Big Grin
LOL that's it! Talking to strangers is just being a people-person. Wish you and I both could go out with that dude and both of us chat with all of the folks that we could get to accept when we engage them. I do that and of course with the discernment to read folks, I don't engage those that I get the vibe from that they aren't receptive.

Visited new grandson and family a couple of years ago. That was this redneck Texan's first forage? into East coast, near DC land. She was preggers and would return from that bathroom while I was in line, grinning, and say to me "you're ALWAYS talking with someone new when I return! Momm LOL" stuff like that.

Now, on our craziest days we could gently goof on people. You dress upclass and I'll wear a maid's uniform, the old fashioned type. Then I'll chew you out for leaving your clothes on the floor, toothpaste on the counter etc....watching peoples' reactions would be a blast. Things like that.

PS, I got it! You, DLP and me can become the new "Golden Girls" per that old TV show and of course any other chick that might be interested. But, we're the new version of them. We'll give ourselves a new, goofy name that in some way reflects or hints-at what we do here. Psychic sisters is too corny and lame. Let's come up with something really good.

OMG that's just it! Who needs to "be" anyone, when you CAN be anyone you'd like!

My favorite is meeting someone who is up to the game, and plays right along! Then it's twice as much fun! I never used to be that way, used to be quite shy and quiet, funny amongst friends, but never beyond that. It's much more fun to be open, I've found you can almost always find something in common with just about everyone. Finding that common ground is what makes this life interesting.
Yes! And when not in a goofy mood, it's so true that "everyone has a story" and meeting folks it can be so cool to hear part of theirs. Most of the time I think of the person hours later because when we're giving off the inviting, sane and caring vibes the other person often opens right up.

What you said just hit me. The part of we can BE anyone we want. Didn't I post here long ago a thought I had about us chicks getting together and making the speeding drivers slow down? In reality we cannot and will not impersonate officers but it'd make a heckuva good scene for a goofy movie or sitcom. Riotous, in fact.
Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I'd be where I am today.

Went back "home" recently, and I could never live there now. It's not the me I've become. And since I've joined here, all sorts of new windows are opening. (And crazy French doors, LOL). But if we are meant to keep growing, you can never remain static. Or grow old. Just wouldn't do.

And I would look awesome in uniform, LOL!!!
We do grow and change and then visiting where we came from can be well, odd even when we're from and back with the best of souls. No wonder the cliche came-about that said, "you can't go home again." It isn't the same, indeed.

Uniforms! what kind should we have? well, our cell phones will be our microphones. What type of vehicle will be our cop cars? the light on top of the vehicle can be a blue plasticware container with a flashlight in it. Our blowdryers will be our radar guns and we'll sit along the roads with too many speeders and point our blowdryers at the drivers as they pass, while talking on our cell phones. Our kindles or Ipads will be what we write the tickets on, LOL. what am I leaving out this time?

Uniforms can be black gym clothes? but the patches to look like cops...what should they be? Something silly like labels of chocolates but sewn on our workout clothes, yeah. lol~

I know! I know! labels to personal female products....sewn on workout clothes....the joke being "don't mess with us, we're in a BAD MOOD this week, LOLLL
I keep seeing Melissa McCarthy in this wacky scenario LOL
Heck yeah. Maybe we should write a script for her.