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Full Version: Night Sky Training, 6.7.16, am
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Start of Dream. I am standing in a wide open space, it's night time and I am looking at the night sky. I see what seems to be too many stars in the sky. Then I tell myself to focus and I see it's planes in the night sky. Then I see what looks like a plane shooting at another vehicle. The other vehicle doesn't blow up so I ask, "what is going on here"? A man appears in what looks like a military uniform, not fatigues. He looks at the sky with me and says, "this is only a training exercise". The remainder of the dream is spent walking through what looks to be a military hospital/rehab building.

The next scene I am walking in what looks like a bombed out area of buildings. I walk into what looks like a hanger. Once inside I see lots of young men everywhere. They look like they have been in a war zone, dirty and tired. I hear someone say, "look a woman". They start to follow me when someone stops me asking, "how did you get here?" I say, "Hum I'm not sure, am I safe here?" The man said, "yes you are safe, no one will bother you, they are just happy to see a woman". I look at their smiling faces and think how good it is they have something to be happy about. He said, "ok guys back up a little". He said, "We thought all the women were gone". Another man said, "what will we do with her, she can't stay here, they will all want to marry her". The other guy said, "I will bring her to ________ and she will know what to do". We then were in a jeep driving over big ruts in the ground. Then we were in another hanger. End of Dream.