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Full Version: Series of words, 6/12/16, am
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Before I was fully awake this morning heard series of words and clearly heard only the last two. North Dog Star and Antonin Scalia in that order. Thought I would mention it here in case this is a piece of a puzzle someone else is working on.
I think the message is for all Americans in the know. Write letters to this man's department. The great Escape is being planned. But with latest Orlando incident it nows seems it has started here in the usa. More bloodshed coming soon I'm reading on other sites.
Interesting Julie, as a quick internet search leads to a quick logic circuit of cascading actions.

Sirius is the Dog Star. Scalia was a Supreme Court Judge who died, albeit, under questionable circumstances at a very inopportune time.

To search for 'Sirius' and 'Anton Scalia' leads to a Breitbart article about the ramifications to the Supreme Court lineup, possibly prior to a party-change at the Presidential level, that becomes a vulnerable lame-duck position placement right before the election, and how it could shift national, if not world politics as a result.

Sounds like a 'platform shift' dream with vulnerabilities that you may have seen or been given 'heads-up' to.