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Full Version: 3 dreams about my grandson
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12 June 2016
No intention set

Three separate dreams:

1) I'm living in a place that backs up to an enclosed space marked off by a chain link fence that's about 4 feet high spanning the open side. It's like a room with one wall missing, walls on three sides and the fence across the open space. It even has a tile floor. The guy who lives there has a medium sized dog with white fuzzy fur clipped close, making it look like a large fluff ball. The dog's name is Marshall. I don't know how I know that, I just do. The dog stays in the space all the time. It's mostly no trouble, it doesn't bark, but it has a tendency to jump the fence when it sees my cats or my grandson. My son goes to talk to the dog's owner but the owner is unresponsive to the situation. When the dog jumps the fence again, going after my grandson-I'm able to grab my grandson before the dog reaches him and my son grabs the dog-my son calls Animal Control Services, which comes and picks up the dog. I want to tell the owner what happened so I go and knock on his door. He answers and it's obvious he's been sleeping. In that instant, I decide not to tell him what happened, that he'll find out soon enough anyway. Instead, we chat for a bit. I ask a question and he repeats the question to someone I can't see. A woman answers, her voice sleepy. I apologize for waking them and leave. Later, he discovers the dog is missing and wants to know what we did with his dog. My son tells him we did exactly what we said we would do the next time the dog jumped the fence and that the guy could find the dog at ACS.

2)My grandson is playing outside, wearing just his diaper(he's 16 months). We're out there, too, sitting around and chatting with one another. I glance over at my grandson and am horrified to see that he's covered with mosquito bites. I don't mean one or two, I'm talking dozens of red welts all over his bare skin. OMG! I say to my DIL, Look at the baby! He doesn't seem to notice the bites but my DIL snatches him up and rushes him inside before he gets bitten any more. I check myself for mosquito bites because the damned things tend to like me and am surprised that there are no bites. I wonder why the mosquitoes focused only on my grandson.

3)There's a knock on the front door. I answer and see a girl about 12 yrs. old standing there. She has long light brown hair, slender, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She's barefoot. What catches my attention are her eyes, which are solid black. There are several younger children behind her, all with black eyes. Yes? I say. She tells me the boy who lives here sold her a baseball bat and she was here to collect it. I tell her she has the wrong house because the boy here is a toddler and doesn't even talk yet. She insists he sold her a bat. I firmly tell her no. She wants to talk to him. I reiterate the whole toddler who doesn't talk yet bit. Then she takes out a playing card-an ace of spades-and folds it in half while looking directly at me. She begins to chant while slowly tearing the card in half on the fold line. I don't know what she's doing but I know I don't like it. I grab my bag of black salt and begin spreading a line of salt across the threshold. She stops tearing the card and looks up at me. I'm silently asking for guidance and protection for me and mine as I continue spreading the salt. She says, We were unaware that an adept resided here. I don't tell her she's wrong, I'm not an adept at anything but I do tell her that the boy is under my protection, as is everyone under this roof, and I will not take it kindly should anything be done to him or if anything happens to him. She says, Interesting. I close the door and wake up.


I didn't realize all the dreams focused on my grandson until I woke up. Then the theme-my grandson needing protection-became clear.

I hunted for a photo of a dog that looked like Marshall and the closest I got was a Bichon Frise. Now imagine the dog being bigger, about the size of collie.

More of the black-eyed children. The kids behind the girl didn't speak at all. They didn't fidget, didn't move around, just stood there, arms by their sides, and silently watched the interchange between the girl and me. As for the girl, she came across as way older than she looked.

I have no idea what the card thing means but I knew it wasn't good. That's all that mattered.

Mosquitoes, for me, tend to represent bloodsuckers. Energy vampires, too. What it means for my grandson, I'll have to check when my DIL and he get home later this afternoon.
Wow DLP. I hope you find answers. I know he is well protected. Why are black eyed children popping up in peoples dreams?
"To see the ace of spades in your dream symbolize spontaneity, mischievous, and/or heartlessness. It also represents authority and extreme competitiveness. You are afraid of losing."
That actually seems to fit doesn't it?
It might but it doesn't resonate. I think it has less dream meaning and more a divination meaning.

Doing some quick searching brought these pages:

I don't know how accurate the latter link is since there are no attributions to the information given.
In divination, the Ace of Spades means emotional conflict, things coming to a head. That kid was threatening you by tearing the card. Kind of throwing down the gauntlet. But you stood up to her, and didn't give up information, or back down. You played the better hand.

These Black eyed kids are disturbing. Certainly not human or kids.
You want to hear something that made me sit up and take notice?

Was heading out for dinner tonight-I'm celebrating our anniversary here, he's celebrating in AZ. LOL-and I pulled up behind a red Toyota 4Runner. Affixed to the rear window was a sticker of an ace of spades, with a skull and crossbones printed on the spade.

Yeah, that confirmed to me that the ace in the dream was a threat.
Creepy. And so is this:

The origin of the name is unclear. Jolly Roger had been a generic term for a jovial, carefree man since at least the 17th century and the existing term seems to have been applied to the skeleton or grinning skull in these flags by the early 18th century.[6] In 1703, a pirate named John Quelch was reported to have been flying the "Old Roger" off Brazil, "Old Roger" being a nickname for the Devil.