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Full Version: 2 dream snippets
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15 June 2016
No intention set

Two dream snippets:

1) I'm in a rowboat on some large body of water. The water is calm, the day sunny and warm. I can see a shoreline off in the distance. Also in the distance are two large boats heading in my direction. As they get closer I'm able to see both boats resemble old wooden Viking sailing ships. They're moving across the water, directly at me. I don't know if they see me and if they keep going the way they are, they're going to hit my little boat. I would try to row out of the way but instead I just sit there, waiting for...I don't know what. It's like I know they're coming and I'm at risk but also know nothing will happen to me. Both boats sail right up to my location, one on each side of me. The swells lift my little boat and I yell, Are you idiots trying to drown me? Heads pop over the side of each boat. One side is celebrities, the other with people I've known. Both groups look sheepish and I hear a chorus of Sorry, sorry, sorry. We're just trying to rescue you. I eye the groups and say, I wasn't in trouble, you know, until you lot tried to drown me.

2) I'm standing on a street corner, facing a wide, four-laned street with a turn lane in the middle. The buildings up and down both sides of the street are a combination of businesses and residential buildings(like houses and apt. buildings). I recognize this street as one I've been on before and I know I'm in Everett, WA. There are no vehicles on the street but there are people riding bikes of all kinds or just walking down the street, not on the sidewalks. I'm dressed in a pair of white scrub pants, sneakers, and my bra, with my purse over my shoulder. A man walks up to the corner and eyes me curiously. Accident at work, I tell him. This seems to satisfy him and he joins the people in the street, walking along as if this is normal. I think that I need to find a place to buy a shirt so I don't feel so exposed. I check my wallet to see how much money I have. Not much, maybe $20 in small bills and change. That's okay, I know there's a thrift shop on this street and I'll pick up a t-shirt or something there. Then I'm in the thrift shop, which is full of people. I get glances as I enter but no one says anything about the way I'm dressed. There's a sense that this isn't uncommon. I head for the clothes section but there are no shirts of any kind available. In fact there are no clothes available except a couple racks with cheap polyester jackets. I check the prices and wow! The thrift shop wants a LOT for these things, more money than I have with me. I look around. People have carts and they're filling them with items, cleaning out the thrift shop. I search around for something I can afford to use as a shirt. The best I can do is an old, ragged shower curtain. I have a small sewing kit in my purse and I know I can rig up something.

There was also a fleeting bit about seeing an old computer on the side of the road and down a slight embankment, as if someone had tossed it out of a vehicle. An old PC tower and it had flashing lights on it indicating it was still running. There was other trash nearby, in fact trash strewn all up and down the road, yet the computer was the only thing that caught my attention.


As I was trying to figure out the significance of the Viking boats-seriously? Viking boats? tended to be my train of thought-I searched for Viking ship images and came across this one. I get it now, after seeing the carving:

It's the dragons. Cute, guys, cute. Big Grin

And once I had that, I realized this was a message dream for me. Now to decide what the message means(as usual).

My dad was stationed in Everett, WA, back in the early 60's. We stayed in a hotel there a few years ago when we attended a family wedding. Beyond that, I'm not familiar with the layout of Everett now. Yet that particular wide street pops up now and then in my dreamtime and when I see it, I know I'm in Everett.

Most of the businesses along the street were closed, which did not strike me as odd and I knew the thrift shop was opened.

Me walking around in a bra and pants did not attract attention in the sense that I was doing anything odd. It was more like people noted it and then went about their business. The only reason I wanted a shirt was for my comfort, in terms of people did notice and I didn't want to be noticed.

The thrift shop was busy but it was quiet. No talking, just the sounds of people moving about. I think what really stood out to me was how there were no clothes except those cheap jackets which were grossly overpriced.

It didn't bother me that I had no money. I knew I was okay, that I'd do fine.

As I'm reflecting on that snippet, something has jumped out at me: I was the only one wearing light-colored clothing. I was dressed in white, even my sneakers and purse were white, while everyone else was dressed in dark, drab colors(Considering how pale my skin is, I probably stood out like an effing beacon. Big Grin ).
This totally smells of future dreams of the apocalyptic variety. Only a thrift store is open, and everything is expensive? Supply and demand. Plus, no one seemed put off by your outfit, like we're all wearing what we have access to. The old pc tower, lots of trash on the side of the road like the infrastructure had broken down.

Celebrities again making their strange appearance. But Vikings? Now THAT would be a dream of mine! My favorite show is Vikings on the History Channel. Shield wall!!!!

Bet I could give you a run for your money on the pale skin. My ex used to call me Translucent Girl Big Grin
Plus, something happened that took vehicles off the road. People were either walking or riding bikes.

In thinking about the Viking ships, it may have been more than the dragons carved on the front(pardon my ignorance of ship terms. I am so not a boat person). It may have been what the Vikings represent.
I have a lot to add here about the Vikings but no time right now. I'll check back later!
History repeats itself so maybe there is something in the Viking history we need to pay attention to. I've also been having an interest in Vikings lately, especially wanting to know about their daily life when not fighting. And wanting to know about their Spiritual practices and beliefs. I tried watching Vikings on TV once but it was way too violent for me to continue watching.
The Vikings were a complicated group of people. On the one hand, they could be considered brutal, yet they were very family and clan oriented at the same time. Adventurous, innovative (especially when it came to navigating), there is a historical argument over whether some of their women chose to fight in battle (shield maidens). Some argue that it's completely mythological, while there is some evidence in the historical record that it might have taken place.

They were a people highly driven by signs and synchronicities from their gods, and left us rune stones as a way of divination. They were more in tune with nature than most of the medieval world, and their legacy is just about everywhere in Northern Europe.

Now, back to the dream! If I was in a small boat surrounded by Vikings on either side, I would feel like I had some pretty hefty back up on my side! But that's just me. Does any of this resonate with you Paladin?

BTW - both my ex and the boyfriend's family came from the same small town in Denmark. (Talk about weird synchronicities). And my last name, while Scottish, has possible Norwegian origins via Normandy France (another hotbed of Viking infiltration). I would be a shield maiden in a heartbeat.