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Full Version: 6/15/2016 10:37am Old Dreams returning
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I have to note here... I am having dreams in a repeat cycle, it seems the dreams i have had in the past and did not share are the ones coming back around again. Kind of like recycled clothes.

I am a ratchetty girl getting in fist fights with other girls. (Like on the reality tv shows) I am walking away from one girl and she tries to punch me in the back of the head... (I feel three swiped or punches) It feels like a message to me, but i know what the girls intentions are and that makes me mad. I squat down grab the girl by the ankles and pick her up, upside down. I am hanging her upside down for only a minute then i drop her on her head! (My attention is brought to this point, because even though i believe she will break her neck, she doesn't! I am in a state of shock as the girls body goes limp on the floor!)

Her boyfriend then tries to hit me and i jump on him and i am punching him in the face. I am fighting these people in a poetry store of some kind, or a kitchen supply store maybe, i just know it is upscale. I pick up a glass vase and before breaking on the guys head i look at the price tag on the bottom and think... oh hell no, i am not paying this much money for a vase that i am just gonna break. I put the vase down, hop up and walk away. (Special note: these woman i met in a business setting and all of this drama was regarding business)

I walk to an apartment complex, i have been here before. My demons have followed me here. not the girls but the parts of myself i thought i had changed when i was younger, they are on the outside of myself and i am trying to fight them too. I am taking back to a time when the red bull ran close behind me, and almost devoured me, the Indian chief in all his buckskin finery came to my rescue.

Oh Mitakuye Oyasin Aho!
If they are coming back, they must have something important to say. What do you need to fight and vanquish?
Ummm this is not a personal dream, if it was i would have been myself in the dream, not in another woman's body.
I stopped posting dreams that I believe are a personal message for me alone, a long time ago.
Ah, I see, so this is like the dreams where you're inside for a ride?