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Full Version: Different locales and the dead
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I'm standing at the entrance to a county fair. There's lots of activity going on, and my dad is standing behind me giving me little pushes and telling me to go in. For some reason, I don't want to go in, but he tells me to not worry, everything will be ok, he knows this for a fact. I enter the fair.

I'm standing in a line at a bank counter with my BF. There is an older couple that run this bank, but there are also 2 young guys who are behind the counter "helping". I'm getting a real uneasy feeling from these two, and they look at me as if they know that I know. The one guys asks if he can refill the Coke I have in my hand, and I refuse and give him a very pointed look, like I know what you're up to buddy. We leave.

I'm sitting in a car, and now the BF has morphed into my ex. He has a fat envelope of cash in his hand, and his mom is sitting in the backseat. She's amazed at how much money is in the envelope. I realize that he's drawn out his life savings, and this will have to be guarded carefully.

I'm now walking down a city sidewalk, and one of my dogs is on a retractable lead. There are skyscrapers, and lots of people walking around. My BF is yelling at me to watch the dog, and I realize the lead is about 40 feet long, and the dog has entered the crosswalk. Even though the lead is weirdly long, I am mostly annoyed that I am being told what to do. The dog is fine. I turn and the building to my right has something weird going on with it. It's got like a haze around it, and it seems to be flickering in and out of view. No one seems to notice this but me.

Many different locales, but are they connected?

My dad is deceased, as well as my ex mother-in-law and also the dog. Why so many from the other side? And once again my dad, my protector, is telling me things will be ok.
Yesterday I was thinking about your "being ok" message from your dad and also your new home. I though perhaps whatever happens, it will end up leading you to your new home.
I do know that he's been rather insistent that I'm going to be ok in whatever new world is coming.

The more I think about it, the more this all seems connected. The carnival atmosphere at the fair, taking life savings out of the bank (not that it would do much good I'm afraid), untrustworthy people, the way we've been talking about jumping timelines and collapsing timelines could explain the building fading in and out.

I know that my dad is communicating a message directly to me. But the rest? Not sure what significance they have.
Maybe you can ask your dad before you sleep to please explain why he is talking about in your next dreamt? Big Grin
Good idea Twice! But like me, he shows up when he will. (Or is that I can only see him when I'm receptive? Sigh....all right, it's me!)