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Full Version: My Dad, he's everywhere
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I just realized that next week is the 22nd anniversary of my dad's passing. He was a week short of his 62nd birthday. The last time we had spoken was Father's Day.

Lately I've been remembering his life, and of course for those of you who've been following this with me, he's been front and center this year with nudges and appearing in my dreams with messages of hope.

Today I was reminded of what happened to another family member not long after his death. My mom, my brother's family and myself were visiting her sister and brother-in-law on their farm. We had a nice visit and I remember my aunt and uncle standing out in the yard waving goodbye to us as we pulled away.

About a week later, my aunt and uncle were driving past the cemetery where my dad is buried. My uncle apparently got real ashen-faced, and quiet (neither of which is him). My aunt kept pressing him until he confessed.

The day we were leaving and packing up our cars, my uncle had been standing in the garage. He said he started down the drive, looked up, and saw my dad as plain as day standing by my mom's car. It was so real, so normal, that he didn't even think about it until the realization washed over him that my dad had passed. He said my dad raised a hand, and he was gone.

And to this day, he keeps watch over daddy's little girl. Love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.