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Full Version: Taylor Burns
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19 June 2016
No intention set

I really don't remember this dream except there was a young woman named Taylor Burns as the main character. She was in her early 20's, with long blonde hair, slender build, big eyes and l don't remember the color, and dressed casually in skinny jeans and a tee. What really stood out was she was distraught about something and no amount of consoling eased her distress. She spent the entire dream weeping. There was a man, too, who looked like a "Groundhog Day" version of Bill Murray. He presented himself as Ken Burns, Taylor's father, and to pay no attention to her because she was just trying to gain attention. I remember commenting he sure didn't look like Ken Burns, the documentary guy. He smirked at me and asked if I didn't realize there were more Ken Burns in the world than just that guy? All I knew was I really didn't like this guy.
Once again, a Taylor for the bot run. And so it goes.....
Yeah, that's why I posted this dream, that it included a "Taylor."
Taylor Burns is a real person. Dated Patrick Schwarzenegger at one point. Pretty obscure quasi-celeb, D. If I find out her dad is Ken, I'm going to fall over.
Burn is the #1 word in today's botrun.

Taylor Burns does look a lot like how you described your taylor in the dream.
Thanks Twice!
Seriously? I had no idea and hadn't got around to searching the name.
Could this person get sick or someone she's associated with?

Just cross linked it to the botrun as well.

Just an FYI - Taylor has potentially been in 95 botruns since March 7th of last year. (The search might have coughed up some Taylor's that were in posts only).
The only thing about the girl was her weeping. And the guy. That's all.
The Botruns first two words were BURN DISEASE

Just a strange coincidence? Don't know yet!
Finally able to take a look at this Taylor Burns and dayum...that's her.

While trying to find out what her father's name is, came across stories about how Patrick Schwarzenegger was linked with Taylor Swift at one time. Dude have a thing for girls named Taylor?
That's what I said earlier. But apparently he was linked with Mylie Cyrus. It's that crowd.