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Full Version: Map Dream, 6/26/16, am
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Trying to remember this dream is difficult. Wanted to post the few bits I remember in case someone else dreamed a similar dream.  The dream was about a map.

Start of Dream I am standing in a park like setting, lots of trees, very nice. There are cars and other people there. One man who is the head of what ever is going on engages me in conversation.

Man: Julie where is the location?
Me: I don't know, try a map.
Man: We don't have a map. Do you know the location?
Me: Use the map I gave you yesterday.
Man: We don't have the map. We need you to get the map for us.
Me: All right then. I will look for the map.
Man: How long will it take?
Me: I don't know, I may have to make one and I will need help.
Man: We are running out of time. Please find a way to get the map.

I walk away and think about a friend who may be able to help. I find her and when I try to talk with her, all she will talk about is herself so she will be no help with the map. I sigh, thinking I will have to do this myself.

I walk into what feels like an ordinary office, find the copier and make copies of a colorful map.  I then walk back to where I was being questioned. I tell the person heading up the search, here is the map and I made copies for you all. Then several people walked up to me taking a copy of the map from me. The guy in change says, ok everyone head out. I walked away and went back to talk with my friend. End of Dream
Julie, I know this may be a hard one, but world map, US map, northern hemisphere map?

Do you remember what kind of a map? (Or even a map of changing sea levels, or topographical, there are even maps that plot earthquake activity).
Imagine you are in the sky high enough to see a 1 mile radius. You can see every detail, buildings, bushes, trees, trails, people, animals, ect. It is like your mind is a camera and the eyes are the lens. Then you take what is in your line of vision, touch the copier and what you saw transfers to paper. That is what the map looked like. In this instance I think they were looking for people who did not want to be found. The area had the feel of the NW like Washington or Oregon.
Ah the map. The meek shall inherit the earth. Freedom. Lol god has a wicked way of putting people and institutions in their place. Map of peace would be nice. Knock knock. Who's there. Peace. Peace who. Naw I would rather have gold. I'm better than you. I'm going to decide for I am man. Tick tick tick
So god is wicked? Lol

Julie, this is the resurgence of 'running out of time' meme!  Omg, does any of the old timers remember this? Also, maps have to be a very archetypical dream symbol. I appreciate the way you documented this dream. I feel like it holds special signifance. Can't wait to figure this one out!!
It might mean you represent the usa and you might play a key role. Only one person can do map. The rest is illusion. July 4th is a big date for usa. I'm free all this week but sorry live in canada. Plus I have been banned from the usa for 3 years trying to do same map. I think john Kerry and the pope of Rome plus president of the usa can do the map of another country.