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Full Version: Behind enemy lines
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There were many parts of this dream and I will share what I remember.
In the first scene I am traveling with a small group of people entering in a small town. The roads are dirt and the town center contains a few buildings. We were trying to blend in while setting up a camp. We do not want to draw attention to ourselves. I am on a mission as are the others. We are in occupied territory and are try to communicate with others from our side. It feels a bit like the Civiil War era in terms technology and life style, I am constantly aware of my actions and those around me. I have a partner who I have been working with in the group and feel like we have feeling for each other. We are singing as we walk. We might be part time performers. I have the impression that some of the messages we communicate are sung.

In the second scene I am still "under cover" and it feels like I am with the same group or similar group of people. Now it feels more like Europe and I have joined a women's choir in a Catholic church. We rehearse at night and most of the singers are nuns. I am one of a handful of singers who isn't a nun. I have a very good voice which gives me a good cover for singing in the church. Things "happen" in the church, people gossip and share everyday news. The everyday news gives hints to what is happening and the mood of the people. Establishing my cover is important. I need to balance this role so I am not too visible but also become a known member of the community. I work with my group in the town which is again "occupied" by others. I feel like I came to the town after the occupation began and have been there now for six months to a year. Our group works in what may be an "arts" type of building. We might design objects and art. We are creative and smart. The building has lots of grey tones and metal. The Occupiers are coming! We need to hide a plastic creation we have been using. It looks like it is a cross between a food processor and a large icing/frosting gun, about 2 feet long. I place it on a metal storage shelf, on the bottom. Someone gives me a brightly colored oil painting of a garden scene to place in front of the plastic creation. It is slightly smaller than the clear plastic appliance being "hidden in plain site". The thought is that if the Occupiers search the pantry closet, they will find the painting which is the only thing of color in the room, and not notice the clear plastic creation behind it. I am not sure the occupiers have an understanding of plastic. We are not safe and I am looking for a place to hide. I take down a ceiling panel and one by one, working as a team, the group scurries as quietly as possible into the hidden attic. It feels like this space was designed to hide people, reminiscent of the underground railroad, except it hides people like us, spies. I know if the occupiers find the plastic creation, we are in trouble. It is dark in the attic and we are almost all in the space when the dream shifts again.

In the third scene I am in an industrial type of kitchen, stainless steal prep areas and utensils are visible. I am with my group again. My partner is there as well. We are all kitchen workers. One of the leaders of the occupiers comes to inspect the kitchen. He reminds me of an old Nazi German. He has short blonde hair, glasses with circle metal gold frames and wears grey colors. He is of extremely high intelligence. I am very aware of my surroundings and actions. If we get caught, I am more worried about torture than death. I don't want to die, but the occupiers are known for the ways they torture others. The Occupier leader is asking us some general questions. Questions which seem like small talk or related to our work. He is fishing for something. He is trying to see if he can trap any of us in a lie. He wants to learn more about us He is suspicious and not sure about us though he is not ready to say we are guilty of anything yet. He isn't certain.
He is opposite me at the food prep table. We are all gathering around it. The Occupier Leader begins to sing a song. The melody is one he is familiar with. I feel the melody is one we should know if we are also occupiers or friendly to them. I do not know the song. This is his test. I can tell he is waiting for us to join him as he sings. He watches us. The first verse is completed and the chorus begins. I glance at my partner. Because of my musical background, I am figuring out the melody quickly, anticipating the next note before it is sung. The words are trickier. The song is one that is talking about the homeland. Patriotic in nature but about the land. Like "Edelweiss" . I began singing with the Occupier Leader. I am just slightly off, a millisecond behind as we sing. Not very noticeable, it is going pretty well. We ALL need to be singing, I stare at the others in my group. As the chorus comes around again my group is now singing the chorus, with harmony. We are more comfortable. We seem to be doing well. As the next verse begins, it is the Occupier Leader and myself again. As I sing with him, I begin to realize the words he is singing now, the ones I am anticipating and signing with him, are not the normal words to the song. He is changing them. I should not know the words, as he is now making them up. But I have been singing these different words too. He says nothing as he continues to sing, coldly staring at me knowingly. I am trying to come up with an action plan as we both continue to sing. I am the mouse , he is the cat. He is going to pounce.

Mood- On guard and watchful. Needing to be aware but make it seem natural.
Singing and blending in were a theme for all the scenes. Being creative, even with the food we were preparing was important.
I am musical in real life. My daughter was looking at cookbooks before going to bed last night.
Wow Twice -what a powerful and terrifying dream. The last part reminds me of the talk recently about needing to keep talents under wraps for our own safety. The leader knew you had a special talent.
Keeping your talent under wraps is what I picked up also. Makes me wonder if that talent is your musical talent or something else?
I was thinking it was what we do here, in various forms. Knowing what might happen ahead of the event. I hate to say it, but if it was more reliable, it could be a great thing, and it could be a dangerous thing.
Julie-Keeping my talent under wraps. Interesting thought!
GG- Yes we do that here in a sense don't we. Hmm.