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Full Version: 7/8/2016 7:30am Fathers Death - Dream inside of a dream
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It is in the future, i am with a new group of people, younger and they are trying to find all of the private hot tubs in the neighborhood and use them. We find one in a hotel room, but none of us have paid for the room.
The room itself seems very minimalist and simple with odd 70's pink colors and hard plastics. Very retro not very futuristic.

I am in one of the hot tubs and i am telling the other people in the hot tub with me that I had a dream about my father the night before. I go home and my boyfriend has made an invention to both hide, and protect your beautiful lamp from pesky visitors and house guests. It is a wrap around lamp and lamp shade cover, this one just happens to make the lamp look like a giant horse track trophy.

I am standing in the kitchen cutting apples, yes the old fashioned way. I can hear my father come in, he is here to visit me, he looks around the house and comments that my boyfriend has upgraded me. Then says he can not stay. Before i can dry my hands and walk over to him to give him a hug, he walks out the front door and leaves.

That's odd I think to myself... then i woke up and i am telling my daughter that i think my father is dead or going to die in the next few days because he came to visit me in the dream two times. The phone rings and it is an attorney and she is telling me she is an estate attorney and needs to meet with me. I yell into the phone: "Oh Dammit, Don't tell me that asshole made me the conservator of his estate but wants me to give all of his stuff away to other people or I am going to be really pissed off". The attorney says no, you are getting everything and no one else is getting anything. Then i yell "OMG That is even worse, that man collected shit his whole life that isn't worth anything, and now i am stuck having to throw it all away!" I dropped the receiver, (drop the mic style) and go to stand up...

I sit up in bed, awake from the multi layered dream.
I would be really pissed if I had to dispose of someone else's stuff. Hope this does not come true for you.
My husband was named executor of an estate for a senior lady who was a hoarder who had no family.
Good times!
OMG I would be pissed! Like I am not busy enough....
You never know, you could end up on that show Hidden Treasures where people find out that some odd thing they inherited is worth millions! (I'm Goldengirl because I like to look on the bright side...) Big Grin
If my father did leave me everything it would his one last asshole move on purpose knowing i would have to sort through all of his crap. He moved gas lines in his house for fucksake without permits. I could never even sell his house if i wanted to, because it is not up to code. I would have to tear it down and sell the lot. The master bedroom has been converted into a grow room for his weed, since that medical law passed in California. Nothing and I do mean Nothing good could come from his death for me....

Oh and he built a shop in the back of the house but has not put stucco on it yet, and still uses a generator to run the shop so he doesn't have to pay the county the permit fees. He didn't pay taxes for 10 years and when he filed all 10 years (because they were going to take his house) he managed to get back .01 cent. The man has no money..... he eats food from food banks, because he doesn't believe in spending his money on food. When they wont let him get more food, he goes hunting and stocks his freezer.

The man took out the heater in his house and sheet rocked up the thermostat into the wall. He put in a wood burning stove, with a fan so that he could heat this oversized three bedroom masterpiece in 30 minutes with free pallet wood.
As much as i like the way the man thinks... his choices will make my life a living hell when he passes away.
Dang, he's messed up
A few years ago, after my aunt passed, my sister-my aunt's executor for the estate-and I proceeded to clear out the family home (3 generations lived in the house). Two weeks later, when we weren't even finished sorting through the piles of paper, we called in an estate sale company because we realized we were looking at months of work just getting almost a century's worth of crap out of the house so we could get the house on the market.

Every piece of paper had to be handled because there was bank and investment paperwork squirreled away throughout the house. We found cash stuffed in odd places. There were cancelled checks older than me. The pantry was filled with boxes of papers and a kazillion boxes of decades-old Jello.

I muttered more than once that no piece of paper that entered that house was ever allowed to leave, that the house was a paper prison and my family members were the wardens.

So yeah, been there, done that, and I swore I wouldn't leave that kind of mess to be cleaned up after I cross.
let me explain something you dont understand. woman have been taught to be weak and its quite the opposite up above. So when you hate this picture as a woman you hate yourself. That picture actually represents a woman in my opinion.
(07-10-2016, 05:28 PM)big dog Wrote: [ -> ]let me explain something you dont understand. woman have been taught to be weak and its quite the opposite up above. So when you hate this picture as a woman you hate yourself. That picture actually represents a woman in my opinion.

Please explain the relevance of this post.