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Full Version: I went early out of the train
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8th of July 2016

I got out of the Train in Liestal. But I wanted to travel to Basel. I was then around the Trainstation of Liestal, that looked different as it looks like in reality. 

I was sort of looking at the trainstation from about 200 meters and i was slightly looking downwards. 
It was also clear i will travel on to Basel.


I was in the TGV Train from Zurich to Basel as I had the dream. I associate the Train also with training. I went home early from school, i could have gone to a seminar more, but chose not to, because i was too tired.  Liestal could be understood like the valley of reading. And i have thought again of writing a book about what i have seen in prison. But of course my main goal is to work with the interpretation of dreams.
Interesting - I also associate Train dreams with training.