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Full Version: Research Lab
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07/11/2016 AM
Mood: calm
Location: a medical lab

I am cleaning/mopping the floor of a research lab; there are two techs in whit lab coats one female one male.
I hear them talking about how they just can’t fine what is causing some disease they had been working on.
I asked them which disease are they researching and they say Spina Bifida?
I tell them that is easy ‘cause everyone knows it is caused by eating rats. They both seem surprised, have an ah-ha moment and hurry back to their research to verify this supposed well know fact.
I go back to cleaning the floor.

I was male in this dream!
I woke up because my brain was saying “not true” but my dream was saying “is true”.
I had to look up what Spina Bifida was and how it was spelled. From what I found I really don’t think it is caused by eating rats.
Interesting that it's in the news today:

UTHealth researchers: Umbilical cord patch could be method for fetal spina bifida repair

And this one from Friday